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Maintaining Stability in Uncertain Times: 4 Strategies to Keep Your Company Aligned

If there’s a business theme I’m gathering from my conversations with C-suite leaders lately, it’s “Uncertain”. While there is so much to be grateful for, like in-person gatherings and Covid-19 vaccines, the business climate lately feels a lot like clutching at the handlebars of a rollercoaster as it slowly makes...
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The Art of Teams

Less than two months ago, I wrote a piece for CEOWORLD magazine titled Go Team!, highlighting Sir Dave Brailsford’s work as the CEO of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge as a masterclass in team leadership. Since then, I have been exploring other outstanding teams from various walks of life - everything...
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Transcendence is Built on Strong Culture

Eight Attributes Worth Cultivating Companies are immensely interested in culture. Those that lead understand it offers them a distinct competitive advantage. Where would Nike or Microsoft be without their culture? The answer is “not so successful.” For purpose-driven companies, culture protects the things that matter most: a singular focus on...
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