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How To Ease Burn Out Using Quantum Colors

When I first started running my company, The Film Festival Doctor, during the first two years of trading, I began to work extremely long hours which consisted of 16-hour days, seven days a week and surviving on five hours sleep each night. Inevitably, I was burnt out but I still...
CEO Insider

The Danger of Success: CEO Syndrome

The biggest danger facing an accomplished CEO isn’t another lockdown, competition or technological obsolescence. The looming threat, which is a product of success, is CEO Syndrome: the externally-inflated ego that leads a CEO to be certain of their own judgment and allows them to self-insulate from honest feedback and diversity...
CEO Agenda

The Power of We Begins with You

On occasion, CEOs will tell me that they were once part of a CEO peer advisory group or forum and eventually quit because they were not receiving any value. To be fair, it may not have been the right group for them, or maybe it was a group that was...
Lifestyle and Travel

How To Stay Fit

Our current lifestyle doesn't give a supportive background to stay fit and healthy. The long hours at work, accompanied by low-quality food in the market doesn't give us many choices. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle is not just about the looks; it is about keeping our body active and being...
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