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HyFun Foods Welcomes New CEO for HyFarm Initiative

HyFun Foods, renowned for its pioneering role in the frozen food sector, has named Soundararadjane S as Chief Executive Officer for its innovative venture, HyFarm. With a career that spans over three decades in agriculture, Soundararadjane brings a wealth of experience from esteemed organizations such as Monsanto and ITC (Technico)....
Dmitry Doev
CEO Spotlight

Dmitry Doev: Diverse Contributions at VIS Group (Doev Dmitry Vitalievich)

Dmitry Doev: Managerial Expertise at VIS Group (Doev Dmitry Vitalievich), Member of the Board of Directors of the infrastructure holding VIS Group Name: دويف ديمتري فيتاليفيتش · 多耶夫·德米特里·維塔利耶維奇 ·Doev Dmitry · Dmitry Doev · Doev Dmitry Vitalievich · Dmitry Vitalievich Doev · Doev Dmitry Vitalyevich · Dmitry Vitalyevich Doev · Дмитрий...
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