Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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Real estate
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CEO Spotlight: Michael Nierenberg – Real Estate Investment Success After Bear Stearns

Michael Nierenberg is a unique investment manager in both how he approaches investment and more importantly, how he views the future of the investment world. He is, fortunately, one of the investment managers who has worked with several different companies in the USA. The following is information detailing real estate...
Kyrylo Shevchenko, CEO at Ukrgasbank
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CEO Spotlight: We Did Not Want To Be “a Dime a Dozen,” Our Goal Is Uniqueness – Kyrylo Shevchenko

In the consumers' minds, the state-owned Ukrgasbank is already inextricably associated with environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. And its staff has already become real experts in this field – they advise not only on financing but also on how and with whom their customers can start an eco-project. The Bank...
Darien Dash
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CEO Spotlight: Darien Dash, CEO of The Movement Management Advisors

Darien Dash has been at the forefront of technology and digital innovation since the inception of the internet. Dash has been instrumental in bringing digital marketing and internet services into minority communities. He’s developed a career out of portfolio management for high-net companies and individuals within the sports and entertainment...
Amir Farhand
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CEO Spotlight: Amir Farhand of Soar Talks About His Vision to Build the World’s ‘Living’ Map Using Drones and Satellite Imagery

The next evolution of mapping systems is upon us. That’s the message of Amir Farhand, the brains behind blockchain-based mapping platform Soar. The Australian entrepreneur and inventor are on a mission to build a “living map” of the world, one high-resolution image at a time. And he wants your help....
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CEO Spotlight: Yazan Sehwail of Userpilot on What It’s Like to Lead a SaaS Startup

Meet Yazan Sehwail. Yazan is one of the young, educated, and bold entrepreneurs taking on the challenging work of building a startup in the fast-paced SaaS industry. Yazan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Userpilot; a product experience software that helps companies such as Cisco personalize their in-app user experience...
Jack Plotkin
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CEO Spotlight: Jack Plotkin, CEO at Cardinal Solutions and Harvard Graduate

Jack Plotkin is the founder and CEO of New York-based Cardinal Solutions, an investment and advisory firm focused on mission-driven companies. Throughout his two-decade career, Jack has advised Fortune 500 companies and contributed to technology start-ups, reshaping them in leaders in their fields. Jack is a graduate of Harvard, where...
Sean Tissue, CEO at Centureon Investments
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CEO Spotlight: Sean Tissue, CEO at Centureon Investments

Throughout the span of his career, Sean Tissue has worn many hats. An entrepreneur at heart, Tissue recognized the transformative power of being able to make important decisions and embark on the path of entrepreneurship. Tissue harnessed his drive to enter real estate, an industry traditionally reserved for professionals with...
Nitin Khanna
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CEO Spotlight: Q&A With Nitin Khanna: Investor, Entrepreneur, & MergerTech CEO

Innovation, creativity, philanthropy, and the entrepreneurial spirit define the life and achievements of former MergerTech CEO Nitin Khanna.  Khanna sold his first company, Saber Software, for four times its market value in 2008; he now manages and invests in businesses across many industries. What led you to become an entrepreneur? ...
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