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CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight

Konstantin Lichtenwald on the Canadian Ideal of Good Business

What does it mean to be a good business in Canada? According to Konstantin Lichtenwald,  Vancouver, this is a question that we, as Canadians grapple with constantly. On the one hand, we generally understand that businesses should be profitable and provide value to their shareholders. On the other hand, we...
Kelly Kubicek
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: HR Trailblazer and Founder of Fulcrum HR Consulting Kelly Kubicek Shares Her Secrets to Empathetic Leadership

Kelly Kubicek loves a challenge. Whether she’s streamlining government payroll systems or putting the ‘human’ back in human relations for multinational corporations, her ‘get it done without being a jerk’ mentality has won her legions of returning clients and top-notch recommendations.  The founder of Fulcrum HR Consulting has saved the...
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