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Nafsika Antypas
CEO Spotlight

How Nafsika Antypas Is Taking the World by Storm!

Antypas is a popular writer, host, and producer who’s known for launching the world’s first vegan TV series, Plant-Based by Nafsika. She’s a woman well-respected in her industry and in fact, someone that a lot of people look up to. Nafsika’s Garden makes it possible for the everyday person to...
Kelly Kubicek
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: HR Trailblazer and Founder of Fulcrum HR Consulting Kelly Kubicek Shares Her Secrets to Empathetic Leadership

Kelly Kubicek loves a challenge. Whether she’s streamlining government payroll systems or putting the ‘human’ back in human relations for multinational corporations, her ‘get it done without being a jerk’ mentality has won her legions of returning clients and top-notch recommendations.  The founder of Fulcrum HR Consulting has saved the...
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