CEO Spotlight

Zilch’s innovative fintech has redefined what it means to offer a safe buy-now-pay-later solution.
CEO Spotlight

Tech Talks Interview Zilch Founder Philip Belamant on Innovative BNPL Model

Last month, technology expert Dave Savagid welcomed Zilch’s CEO and founder Philip Belamant to Tech Talks, a podcast that tackles technology challenges in twice-weekly episodes. In this episode, Savage and Belamant discussed how buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) provider Zilch has crafted an original approach to market, and Belamant revealed his vision for...
Jay Jung, President & Founder of Embarc Advisors
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Jay Jung Brings His High-Level Financial Acumen To Small Businesses, and He’s Having A Big Time Doing It

A Wharton School graduate who was highly successful while previously working for McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs, Jay Jung is now offering the kind of high-level corporate finance advisory to small-to-medium-sized companies that are usually only afforded to Fortune 500 brands. Imagine having six-time Super Bowl champion head coach...
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