Sunday, September 20, 2020

C-Suite Advisory

C-Suite Advisory

The “Yes” Trap

Have you ever committed to do something and then as D Day draws near you start to regret your decision? ’Why did I say Yes, I don’t even like Aunt Margery and now I have to spend the day with her!’ And so, you go along with what you committed...
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Courage in the Face of Uncertainty: Five Lessons for Today’s CEO

In 1996, I launched my company, Working Solutions, with $1,000 of my own money as a one-woman operation in Omaha, Nebraska. Amelia Earhart Street near Eppley Airfield isn’t far from the original office. I always liked Earhart’s spirit. Her style. Her courage in the face of uncertainty. Her leadership continues...
C-Suite Advisory

How the C-Suite can prevent burnout

CEOs lead organizations through a myriad of challenges and opportunities.  Organizational growth and sustainability depends on the agility and ability of the organization to utilize all of its resources to accomplish the goals and objectives of the company. The key component of the utilization of employees,  is to use them...
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