Sherley Alaba

Sherley Alaba

An eagle-eyed wordsmith, a writer and translator, always interested in ways which can help individuals (especially youth and women) reach their full creative potential. My focus has been on writing, producing and editing stories on business, finance, interesting personalities, entrepreneurs, culture, the environment, gastronomy, lifestyle, and social issues.
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A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) plays a huge part in an organization. The title is said to be synonymous with terms such as managing director or even president. In smaller firms, the tasks taken on by a CEO are more hands-on with the day to day running of the business....
Lalonie Weeks Farnell
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Rising Entrepreneur on the Women Fashion Scene: Meet Lalonie Weeks Farnell of Lotus Boutique

E-commerce has become an ever developing business, riding high on the mindset of the millennial generation which has taken to the Internet of Things (IOT) like never before. Since the advent of e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon, online buying and selling has only sprouted more branches. It has segmented...