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This article is published in collaboration with NexSoftSys Solutions, an experienced offshore and outsourcing IT solutions services provider firm based in India. A technology consulting firm for Customized Offshore Software & Mobile Apps Development for Healthcare, Telecommunication, and Banking System.
Education and Career

5 Business Tips Every Investor Should Use In 2018

Equity investors in businesses buy a piece of the business and get a partial ownership in the business. Equity investors invest in small businesses and provide capital to these businesses almost always in the form of cash. In exchange for their investments, these business investors get a small percentage of...
CEO Advisory

Understanding Today’s BPO Strategy

Business Process Outsourcing, shortened to BPO, is a way through which a lot of companies have made impressive improvements in their methods in order to make the following of these methods much easier. Companies who use BPOs do so because of the three main, important reasons. They are: For lowering...