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5 Customer Motivational Emails to Increase to Your Funnel

In today’s date and with free sign up of alerts, people are flooded with emails round the clock. It’s surely difficult to scroll through those and reach your target email.

Hence, it’s ideal to go for some levity in the tone of the emails. If you are a Java software development company and looking to enhance your funnel, then emails can help you a lot. Usually, customer emails are boring and serious.

Adding a bit of fun to these can make your pitch prominent. Well, you can send some motivational stuff in your email to increase to your funnel. In brief, a funnel is something which portrays customer history and usually narrows down once its goes down the line. So, there are more visiting customers compared to the final ones who end up liking your company. So, let’s have a look here:

  1. Make customers read the email
    Try sending win back emails to arouse your customers join your sales pipeline. Your email can have highlights of some fresh features that you have surfaced.You can add a call to action to the email to get the buyer into action and then include some other relevant stuff too. Overall, your email should be interactive to help widen the base of the funnel.
  2. Refer a friend
    Your email can be motivating in a way that you can remind your buyers about their credits left, besides adding a promotional tag of referring a friend to fetch more credits. Perk up your email by adding an option of forwarding email to friends besides adding buttons for social sharing to stir customer interest towards buying your stuff and enhance your funnel.
  3. Feedback email
    This is something which probably most of the companies should employ. Customer follow-up email is surely one of its kinds that motivate customers to like your brand and be a buyer from just a visitor. This kind of email solicits opinion and review from your customers. This would help them to build trust on you as they understand that their feedback carries value to you.
  4. Best wishes on email
    Nothing is comparable to personalized customer emails sent out by you. Such emails carry a note of affection as the customers can connect to you. So, through the funnel, while you can find out a buyer’s journey from being a visitor to being a loyal customer, some personalized notes right at the start of their journey can bring success to you. Birthday emails and anniversary wishes are easy to send out and such information is easy to gather. Besides a warm and charming wish note, you can also include videos, gif, photo and a small gift in the email.
  5. Reactivation email
    This is a perfect vehicle to increase your funnel base. Reactivation emails with an affectionate and cordial tone are meant for the buyers who have not seen you in a while. These will impel your buyers to become permanent customers of your brand.

Hence, when it comes to email marketing or sending emails to attract potential buyers, a tad of flippancy can go a long way for your Java software development company.

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