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Dmitry Doev: Diverse Contributions at VIS Group (Doev Dmitry Vitalievich)

Dmitry Doev

Dmitry Doev: Managerial Expertise at VIS Group (Doev Dmitry Vitalievich), Member of the Board of Directors of the infrastructure holding VIS Group

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Dmitry Doev: Biography, Key Facts 

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich was born on July 12, 1966, in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). Just after their son was born, his father, a teacher, and his mother decided to move to his mother’s hometown – Toropets, in the Tver Region (known as the Kalinin Region at the time). However, Doev Dmitry and his family eventually returned to Leningrad, known as the Northern Capital, and the second largest city in the country in terms of population.

In his childhood, Dmitry Doev had many interests, which later influenced his choice of future profession. In particular, he enjoyed the exact sciences — he found the mathematics and physics courses at his specialized mathematics school especially easy. Doev Dmitry was also fascinated by space exploration and astronomy. He read a lot, preferring genres such as fantasy, adventure, and detective stories. The future businessman’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through early, as young Dmitry Doev would go around collecting waste paper to turn in for change in order to be able to buy more books.

Dmitry Doev also fondly recalls that his grandparents played a large part in his upbringing, due to his parents’ busy schedule. His mother’s hometown of Toropets continues to hold a special place in his heart. He spent many childhood summers there, and he still goes back to visit his roots from time to time.

In 1984, the Dmitry Doev biography of education reached its first climax when he graduated from high school. The burgeoning Doev Dmitry felt the strong influence of his father, a doctor of technical sciences, when he considered what to do with his future. In the end, he decided to enroll at the M. I. Kalinin Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (now the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University), one of the country’s leading technical universities, majoring in strength engineering.

In 1989, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich graduated from the prestigious education. His strong educational formation made it easy for him to find gainful employment.

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich
Doev Dmitry Vitalievich

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich: Stepping into the Business World

After graduating from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, according to his official biography, Dmitry Doev worked for some time in the combustion and explosion laboratory at the Research Institute of Precision Instruments in Leningrad. Next, he tried his hand as a teacher, and spent some time as a department assistant at his alma mater. However, he quickly realized that the educational sphere did not speak to his heart. Rather, the entrepreneurial spirit that revealed itself early in his life was calling to him.

In the 1990s, Dmitry Doev, whose background was steeped in science, ventured into the business realm. As the top manager recounts, he offered a comprehensive array of services to a diverse set of industrial companies.

From 1993 to 2004, his work was directly related to large construction and gas enterprises in St. Petersburg.

Doev Dmitry: Career Development at Gazprom

In 2004, Doev Dmitry was appointed CEO of a company within the structure of PJSC Gazprom. In particular, he headed the management unit of CentreEnergoGas.

Under the leadership of Dmitry Doev, repair assets were restructured, which helped reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the enterprise. Furthermore, the work of a network of branches offering maintenance and repair services at facilities in regions across the country was organized and coordinated.

From 2008 to 2019, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich headed the operations of a holding that carried out the entire range of repair work at the state corporation’s facilities and its subsidiaries (including main gas pipelines, underground gas storage facilities, and industrial zones where natural resource extraction and processing were performed). The company was also involved in the maintenance of enterprises. During the period when Doev Dmitry Vitalievich held the position of CEO, a number of major projects were implemented. Since the holding operated gas and oil fields, its experts learned how to carry out underground repairs. In addition, they mastered the diagnosis of the technical condition of objects using underwater technical means.

In fact, under the strategic guidance of Dmitry Doev, a unified repair mechanism was established that has, over the years, seamlessly completed countless assignments. This success led to the inception of a series of workshops across the nation, further advancing the company’s capacity to handle the most demanding repair operations.

Dmitry Doev maintains that foresight and an independent mindset are crucial for success in any field. One must critically evaluate objectives and maintain a forward-thinking approach.

For example, in the span of just one year, 2015, the team under Dmitry Doev executed maintenance on over 47,000 installations. The firm also embraced advanced techniques and pioneered new approaches in the construction and maintenance of gas supply infrastructures. Peers attest to the notable role played by Dmitry Doev Vitalievich in fostering technologies aimed at import substitution, leading to the in-house production of previously outsourced components.

Dmitry Doev played a pivotal role in the development of novel subterranean storage solutions for vast quantities of oil products. These facilities enhance the efficiency of storage where traditional metal containers are economically impractical. Benefits of such storage solutions include heightened fire safety measures and prolonged preservation of fossil hydrocarbons.

Doev Dmitry: Biography of the Foundation of the Unified Gas Supply System 

In the 2010s, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich oversaw the creation of the Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS), which plays a critical role in the energy infrastructure and ensures reliable and efficient gas distribution. Today, it represents a complex technological complex, consisting of more than 170,000 kilometers of main gas pipelines and branches, hundreds of stationary or mobile compressor installations, dozens of underground gas storage facilities, as well as several facilities involved in the processing of blue fuel and gas condensate. The Unified Gas Supply System is overseen, Dmitry Doev notes, by a 24/7 central dispatch unit that guarantees consistent delivery of natural gas to consumers within the country and abroad.

In 2019, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich departed from Gazprom. Following this, he took on management roles across diverse economic sectors and subsequently received an invitation to lead a holding company that functions within a public-private partnership model.

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich
Doev Dmitry Vitalievich

Dmitry Doev: VIS Group Gets a New Head

In 2021, he was appointed head of the parent company of the VIS Group. Dmitry Doev, taking this position at the VIS Production Company, focused on the introduction of new management standards, the optimization of internal processes, the application of advanced practices in construction, and risk and cost reduction. This became the key mechanism for the successful development of the infrastructure holding, its adaptation to changing market conditions, and its ability to maintain sustainable growth in the long term.

In fact, the Dmitry Doev biography already included several years of labor within the VIS umbrella. During the 2000s, the future VIS head took a prominent role at the production firm.

Under the leadership of Doev Dmitry at that time, the company ventured into multifaceted expansion. Its activities encompassed constructing and renovating both civil and industrial structures, establishing their utilities, and provisioning construction materials and machinery.

In 2003, through the stewardship of Dmitry Doev, the VIS Production Company pioneered the establishment of the first factory within the CIS region dedicated to manufacturing the primary construction material for individual homes—laminated veneer lumber from softwoods, located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

By 2004, VIS had revitalized a helium production facility in Orenburg, which now stands as the largest of its kind in the country and a principal producer in Europe, specializing in helium and its associated commodities.

In 2013, the VIS Group was established, within the VIS Production Company in the status of parent company. And in 2021, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich took the helm of the Group through its central company.

Dmitry Doev-VIS Group: A Leader in the Infrastructure Market

Thanks to the business strategy developed by Dmitry Doev, VIS Group managed to secure its position among the leaders of the domestic infrastructure market. The holding’s portfolio includes dozens of implemented transport, energy, industrial, oil and gas, medical, sports, educational, and cultural facilities. Currently, several projects are at the stage of investment and design.

The Group designs, constructs, and operates bridge structures, roads, kindergartens, and general education schools, administrative buildings, develops embankments, etc.

The Group, which had Dmitry Doev as its general director from 2021 to 2024 (now he is a member of its Board of Directors), manages each stage of a given facility’s life cycle, from development and construction to operation and maintenance. This ensures the quality and reliability of the infrastructure for the long term.

Dmitry Doev: Biography of Infrastructure Projects at VIS Group

Under the direction of Dmitry Doev, VIS Group successfully completed and inaugurated the transport infrastructure of the Khabarovsk Bypass in the RF’s Far Eastern territory in 2022. This pivotal thoroughfare, accommodating approximately 25,000 vehicles daily and extending over 27 kilometers, commenced operations on July 2. The VIS Group is set to manage the Khabarovsk Bypass for the coming years, which promises to boost employment in the Far East. This crucial artery integrates three major federal routes and is anticipated to forge a connection with the expansive road network of China, a strategic Asian ally.

Previously, Dmitry Doev and VIS Group initiated the Mytishchi High-Speed Bypass project, now progressing in the vicinity of the nation’s capital. This significant development aims to link the Dmitrov and Yaroslav Highways and traverse the districts of Mytishchi and Pushkino. Designed to accommodate substantial traffic with its dual carriageways, the bypass includes 11 bridges, overpasses, and six interchanges, with projections of up to 39,000 vehicles traversing daily.

Dmitry Doev highlights the substantial private investment in the project, which constituted nearly 80% of the construction funds, thereby easing fiscal pressures on the regional budget. The project prioritizes the use of indigenous materials, many sourced directly from the capital region itself.

Dmitry Doev
Dmitry Doev

Dmitry Doev-VIS Group: Commitment to Community Development

In recent years, Dmitry Doev-VIS Group has been at the forefront of constructing and upgrading various public amenities, ranging from healthcare and cultural centers to educational institutions. The Group’s endeavors span a broad spectrum of locales, encompassing bustling metropolises and serene small towns alike.

Dovetailing with efforts to bolster the universal health insurance framework, the enterprise under Dmitry Doev has undertaken a significant initiative to erect a series of municipal clinics across Novosibirsk through a public-private partnership. This ambitious plan is set to furnish locals with state-of-the-art medical services conveniently close to their domiciles, thus reducing the strain on the existing healthcare infrastructure.

2019 witnessed the inauguration of a comprehensive maternal and pediatric complex in Surgut under the guidance of Dmitry Doev. The facility, spread over 80,000 square meters and designed to support 10,000 annual births, houses one of the nation’s most extensive perinatal centers. Moreover, plans are in motion for establishing a multifaceted SMART clinic in Yakutsk, encompassing nearly 9,000 square meters, destined to serve both pediatric and adult patients, inclusive of a dedicated women’s health consultation wing.

Previously directed by Dmitry Doev, VIS Group, has been instrumental in creating an array of educational and leisure facilities in Yakutsk, along with diverse social infrastructure and residential projects across Western and Eastern Siberia. The group is also engaged in rejuvenating wastewater treatment systems within the capital’s district.

A pivotal cultural undertaking helmed by the VIS Group since 2019 is the development of the State Philharmonic and Arctic Center of Epic and Arts in Yakutsk. This conglomerate venue will host theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions, and corporate functions. Boasting transformative staging capabilities, an adjustable orchestra pit, and impeccable acoustics, the center is destined to be a landmark regional cultural institution. It is designed to seat an audience exceeding 1,500 in a structure that harmonizes with the local climate and permafrost conditions. Situated on the banks of Lake Saisary, the construction includes vital shoreline reinforcement measures and will introduce a pedestrian esplanade, transforming the surrounding area into an inviting public space within the largest permanently frozen terrain settlement globally.

Dmitry Doev: Biography of a Business Leader Outside of Business

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich diligently maintains equilibrium between his professional commitments and his home life. His family—his wife and two children—remain his most cherished treasures. His circle of friends, many from his youth and educational years, is expansive. Despite his tight schedule limiting in-person interactions, he stays connected through video chats, phone calls, and instant messaging.

A proponent of dynamic leisure, Dmitry Doev finds solace in physical activities such as working out, running, and skiing to keep fit.

With a passion for reading that took root in his early years, Dmitry Doev enjoys a diverse range of genres. His eclectic taste spans from science fiction and mysteries to both modern and classic literature, biographies, and historical narratives, not forgetting to include scholarly and technical works in his reading repertoire.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Dmitry Doev: Diverse Contributions at VIS Group (Doev Dmitry Vitalievich)
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