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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Richest Billionaires in Real Estate Industry (November 24, 2023)

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Richest Billionaires in Real Estate Industry (November 24, 2023)

As of November 24, 2023, Lee Shau Kee has a net worth of US$27.2 billion, making him the wealthiest person in the real estate industry. Donald Bren follows in second place with $18.0 billion, while Harry Triguboff ranks third with $15.5 billion, and Kushal Pal Singh comes in fourth with $14.3 billion.

The fifth and sixth spots on the list are occupied by Peter Woo, whose net worth is $13.6 billion, and Joseph Lau, whose net worth is $13.1 billion. Kwong Siu-hing is placed 7th with a net worth of $11.8 billion. Stephen Ross ($10.1 billion) occupied the 8th position among the wealthiest people in the real estate industry, followed by Manuel Villar (No. 9) with $9.5 billion and Alexander Otto (No. 10, $8.9 billion).

Richest Billionaires in Real Estate Industry, 2023

  1. Lee Shau Kee: $27.2 billion
  2. Donald Bren: $18.0 billion
  3. Harry Triguboff: $15.5 billion
  4. Kushal Pal Singh: $14.3 billion
  5. Peter Woo: $13.6 billion
  6. Joseph Lau: $13.1 billion
  7. Kwong Siu-hing: $11.8 billion
  8. Stephen Ross: $10.1 billion
  9. Manuel Villar: $9.5 billion
  10. Alexander Otto: $8.9 billion
  11. Francis Choi: $8.2 billion
  12. Leonard Stern: $8.1 billion
  13. Wu Yajun: $8.0 billion
  14. Mangal Prabhat Lodha: $7.9 billion
  15. Igor Olenicoff: $7.7 billion
  16. Ivar Tollefsen: $7.5 billion
  17. Jeff Greene: $7.5 billion
  18. Philip Ng: $7.2 billion
  19. Robert Ng: $7.0 billion
  20. Law Kar Po: $7.0 billion

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Richest Billionaires in Real Estate Industry (November 24, 2023)
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