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Malaysian Billionaire Tan Sri Robert Kuok celebrates 100th birthday

100th birthday

Tan Sri Robert Kuok, who was born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on October 6th, 1923, is celebrating his 100th birthday. Despite having moved to Hong Kong in 1975, he still has a strong connection to his native country.

He was once known as the “Sugar King of Asia” and his business portfolio encompasses several sectors – logistics, hospitality, real estate, and commodities. His youngest son, Kuok Khoon Hua, is the chairperson and CEO of Kerry Properties in Hong Kong, and his nephew, Kuok Khoon Hong, is the head of Wilmar International, which is one of the most extensive palm oil producing companies across the globe.

CEOWORLD magazine estimated that Kuok’s wealth was worth about US$10.4 billion. He owns Kuok group, which has interests in hotels, real estate and commodities. He founded the internationally renowned Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts chain in Singapore in 1971.

Favorite Quotes From Robert Kuok

“There is a risk in every business; if you are not brave enough to grab on the first or next opportunities, then you shall be a poor person forever.” – Robert Kuok

“Everything on earth is dynamic; I can only give my children a message, not money. If they follow it, we can go another three or four generations.” – Robert Kuok

“When I hire staff, I look for honest, hardworking, intelligent people. When I look candidates in the eye, they must appear very honest to me. I do not look for MBAs or exceptional students. You may hire a brilliant man, summa cum laude, first-class honors, but if his mind is not a fair one or if he has a warped attitude in life, does brilliance matter?”– Robert Kuok

“My mom knows that I am somehow a talented businessman, but she would not want me to turn to the dark side and be an evil businessman. She advised us to be a good person, and not be greedy about money.” – Robert Kuok

We wish Mr. Robert Kuok a happy 100th birthday, and hope he will have more years of blessings to come!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Banking and Finance - Malaysian Billionaire Tan Sri Robert Kuok celebrates 100th birthday

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