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Justin Day’s Advice for CEOs and Entrepreneurs: Focus on Effective Communication

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Few words generate a wider range of opinions and emotions than “success”. Not only does everyone have their own version of what being successful implies but also of what it takes to achieve it. However, no one can argue with the idea that an essential skill to success is effective communication, something that serial entrepreneur Justin Day is a clear example of.

“Most people go through life believing that they know how to communicate just because they can talk and listen without anyone complying,” says Day, one of the most renowned marketing experts in the industry. “True communication goes beyond words; it’s about finding the best medium, form, timing, and audience to convey your ideas to.”

With his mother being a seasoned marketer, the importance of effective communication was evident to Day from an earlier age. However, it would be during college that he would get to truly master these skills after starting his own event promotion business with some friends and founding his own marketing agency Day By Day Digital, years later. Today, not only does he get to work with some of the most well-known brands in the world but also teaches others how to improve their communication.

“No matter the size of your business or how experienced you are, effective communication is paramount if you want your business to succeed,” explains Day. “This applies whether you are looking to implement a new marketing strategy, launching a startup, or working with your team on a daily basis.”

Day and his marketing agency are better known for their success in helping companies increase their traffic and conversion rates by using technologies like AI and unique SEO strategies. By taking a page out of legendary marketers like Rudy Mawer, with whom he frequently collaborates and shares insights, Day has also helped tens of thousands of people grow their businesses and improve their marketing strategies through his YouTube channel and his Amazon #1 seller book.

“Marketing, entrepreneurship, investing, and human relationships are all about understanding each other and creating a common language,” adds Day, whose colleagues and customers frequently describe as an empathetic leader. “If you learn to develop and use this common language, your skills as a leader will immediately skyrocket and reflect in every aspect of your business and personal life.”

With Day By Day’s achieving an average increase in organic traffic and impressions of 400% and 700% respectively, as well as his work with brands as recognized as Curated Events, CVS, and ShiftMed, it is difficult to ignore Day’s advice when it comes to getting a business to grow. So how exactly can entrepreneurs and brands improve the effectiveness of their communications?

“In essence, effective communication is all about problem-solving. You have to figure out where the challenges lie and then find a way to turn them into a positive by making use of the tools at your disposal,” says Day. “Of course, this means you might fail, especially when you are just starting the process. It is precisely in those failures that you will find the most valuable lessons, meaning that you have to aim at long-term and sustainable growth instead of overnight results.”

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Justin Day’s Advice for CEOs and Entrepreneurs: Focus on Effective Communication
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