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Survey: Countries that admire their CEOs and other C-suite leadership teams the most, 2023

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Job satisfaction is a widely pursued goal, yet only 65% of employees report being satisfied in their current roles. A crucial element in fostering a positive workplace culture is the relationship between CEOs, other C-suite leaders, and employees. When bosses are seen as leaders and figures of admiration, it contributes to a thriving work environment. Recognizing the significance of these dynamics, CEOWORLD magazine conducted a study to identify the countries where employees have the strongest affinity for their CEOs and other C-suite leaders and to uncover the factors that contribute to these flourishing relationships.

The experts at CEOWORLD magazine analyzed survey data provided by employees. This data offered valuable insights into the employees’ perceptions of their bosses and shed light on the underlying factors influencing these sentiments. By examining these findings, CEOWORLD aimed to understand the key drivers behind successful CEO-employee relationships and the elements contributing to positive workplace cultures in different countries.

CEOWORLD magazine can reveal that employees from Germany like their CEOs and other C-suite members the most, with a significant 68.6% expressing a favorable opinion, with good management being cited as the primary reason.

Top countries that admire their CEOs and other C-suite leadership teams the most, 2023

RankCountryGDPMain reason Score
1Germany$3.693 trillionGood Management68.62
2France$2.583 trillionGood Management67.22
3Canada$1.647 trillionGood Communication65.15
4Australia$1.323 trillionWell Paid64.31
5China$12.238 trillionGood Management60.53
6United Kingdom$2.638 trillionPersonality59.76
7Italy$1.944 trillionGood Communication59.76
8Japan$4.872 trillionWell Paid57.77
9South Korea$1.531 trillionGood Management57.65
10Spain$1.314 trillionGood Management57.38
11Indonesia$1.015 trillionGood Management56.31
12Netherlands$831 billionGood Management56.29
13Switzerland$679 billionGood Management56.2
14United States$19.485 trillionPersonality55.98
15Sweden$536 billionWell Paid55.89
16Belgium$495 billionGood Communication55.73
17India$2.651 trillionGood Management55.46
18Austria$417 billionPersonality55.37
19Brazil$2.054 trillionWell Paid55.31
20Norway$399 billionGood Management55.19
21Ireland$331 billionGood Management54.95
22Singapore$324 billionGood Management54.92
23Denmark$330 billionGood Management54.69
24United Arab Emirates$383 billionGood Management54.63
25Mexico$1.151 trillionGood Management53.99
26Russia$1.578 trillionPersonality53.74
27Finland$252 billionWell Paid53.59
28Hong Kong$341 billionWell Paid53.55
29Portugal$219 billionGood Communication53.41
30Chile$277 billionGood Management53.28
31Czech Republic (Czechia)$216 billionGood Management53.25
32Philippines$314 billionGood Management53.13
33Israel$353 billionGood Management53
34Poland$526 billionWell Paid52.83
35New Zealand$204 billionGood Communication52.52
36Romania$212 billionGood Management52.5
37Qatar$167 billionPersonality52.4
38Hungary$140 billionGood Communication52.35
39Luxembourg$62.32 billionGood Management52.24
40Estonia$26.61 billionGood Management51.85
41Kuwait$120 billionWell Paid51.8
42South Africa$349 billionPersonality51.7
43Malaysia$315 billionGood Management51.61
44Argentina$637 billionGood Management51.41
45Turkey$852 billionPersonality51.34
46Thailand$455 billionGood Management50.88
47Iceland$24.49 billionPersonality50.73
48Saudi Arabia$687 billionGood Communication50.59
49Croatia$55.21 billionGood Management50.39
50Greece$203 billionGood Management50.28
51Vietnam$224 billionWell Paid50.13
52Nigeria$376 billionGood Communication50.04
53Peru$211 billionGood Communication49.97
54Cyprus$22.05 billionPersonality49.9
55Malta$12.52 billionWell Paid49.87
56Uruguay$56.16 billionGood Communication49.64
57Bulgaria$58.22 billionGood Management49.6
58Egypt$235 billionGood Management49.25
59Bangladesh$250 billionWell Paid49.17
60Angola$122 billionPersonality49.15
61Oman$70.78 billionGood Management48.96
62Serbia$41.43 billionGood Management48.94
63Latvia$30.46 billionPersonality48.93
64Lithuania$47.54 billionGood Communication48.92
65Seychelles$1.50 billionGood Management48.86
66Bahrain$35.43 billionGood Management48.84
67Jordan$40.07 billionPersonality48.71
68Slovenia$48.77 billionGood Communication48.66
69Macao$50.36 billionGood Management48.62
70Lebanon$53.58 billionGood Management48.58
71Dominican Republic$75.93 billionGood Communication48.54
72Ethiopia$80.56 billionGood Management48.15
73Sri Lanka$87.36 billionWell Paid48.14
74Slovakia$95.62 billionPersonality48.1
75Morocco$110 billionWell Paid48.05
76Paraguay$39.67 billionPersonality47.27
77Bolivia$37.51 billionGood Communication47.14
78Nepal$24.88 billionGood Management47.02
79Zambia$25.87 billionWell Paid46.74
80Uganda$26.00 billionGood Communication46.67
81El Salvador$24.81 billionGood Management46.57
82Bahamas$12.16 billionGood Communication46.54
83Albania$13.04 billionGood Management46.21
84Montenegro$4.84 billionWell Paid46.15
85Mauritius$13.27 billionPersonality46.03
86Moldova$8.13 billionGood Management45.96
87North Macedonia$11.28 billionGood Communication45.86
88Armenia$11.54 billionGood Management45.84
89Brunei$12.13 billionWell Paid45.42
90Namibia$13.25 billionPersonality45.39
91Georgia$15.08 billionGood Management45.29
92Bosnia and Herzegovina$18.05 billionGood Communication45.28
93Zimbabwe$22.04 billionGood Management45.23
94Kazakhstan$163 billionWell Paid44.85
95Azerbaijan$40.75 billionPersonality44.75
96Tunisia$39.95 billionGood Communication44.62
97Ukraine$112 billionGood Management44.25
98Ecuador$104 billionWell Paid44.1
99Cuba$96.85 billionGood Communication44.06
100Kenya$79.26 billionGood Management44.03
101Belarus$54.46 billionGood Management43.93
102Uzbekistan$49.68 billionGood Management43.79
103Maldives$4.87 billionPersonality43.62
104Sudan$117 billionGood Management42.53
105Turkmenistan$37.93 billionGood Management42.45
106DR Congo$37.64 billionWell Paid42.19
107Senegal$21.07 billionGood Communication41.94
108Papua New Guinea$20.54 billionWell Paid41.77
109Afghanistan$19.54 billionPersonality41.7
110Madagascar$11.50 billionGood Management41.52
111Kyrgyzstan$7.56 billionGood Communication41.39
112Rwanda$9.14 billionWell Paid41.39
113Tajikistan$7.15 billionPersonality41.17
114Pakistan$305 billionGood Communication41.1
115Mauritania$5.02 billionGood Management40.84

Lisa Gable, External Advisory Board (EAB) for CEOWORLD magazine, Commented: “Unsurprisingly, good management is the primary driving force behind positive sentiments. Competent and inspiring leaders who communicate well and support their teams are critical to employee satisfaction. However, what intrigues me is how countries with profound cultural differences, like the US, Austria, Russia, Iceland, Angola, and Latvia, emphasize personality. This calls for deeper exploration and analysis to discern whether these rankings and responses are influenced by generational differences within the workforce and the unique leadership qualities each culture values. Such insights could shed light on the intricate dynamics of leadership across diverse societies.”

“Being a leader means accepting full responsibility for the organization. The company’s success is not only in the financial prosperity but in the employee’s overall well-being and job satisfaction. The employees need to feel protected, guided, and trusted. Good management is the key to success, and CEOs should consider adopting the hybrid model of principle-based and rule-based organizations. The human factor plays a significant leadership role and should be highlighted by every CEO. Overall, we all have a long way to go to achieve a happy and compassionate culture, but we are on the right track, and I encourage all the CEOs to prioritize this,” said Deepak Ohri in a statement.

“I appreciate the valuable insights the team at CEOWORLD Magazine has provided in its recent study about admired CEOs and leadership teams by country. By doing so, you provide us with data directly from employees, revealing that only 65% reported being satisfied in their current roles and that a key driver of that satisfaction is being part of a culture that fosters positive workplace relationships (among the CEO, senior leaders, and the employees). Job satisfaction is a reliable predictor of employee engagement, which influences productivity, retention, and mental health in the workplace. It’s hard to identify a more relevant set of challenges for today’s organizations. The findings are helpful for business leaders at every level,” said Leo Bottary, External Advisory Board (EAB) for the CEOWORLD magazine.

“Kudos to CEOWORLD magazine for this ambitious and insightful survey. This is fascinating from multiple perspectives. First, despite the high level of C-Suite compensation in the United States, we ranked only 14th. Second, the group of countries around United States – the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Belgium – all have a very long history of successful executives running multinational organizations. Third, it was particularly interesting that personality was the most important characteristics in the United States. Fourth, the countries at the top of the list, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, China, the UK and Italy, are extremely diverse culturally, politically and economically. This suggests to me that there is a culture component that may be idiosyncratic to each country. Absolutely fascinating study,” said Dr. William Putsis.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Survey: Countries that admire their CEOs and other C-suite leadership teams the most, 2023
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