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Stockholm: A Trip To The Charming Capital Of Sweden

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. In addition, it is the largest city in the northern countries, as it spans about 14 islands. It is an important city as it is a center of culture, economy, and politics. It is worth noting that part of its importance lies in the fact that it is the main headquarters of companies in the Nordic region, while there are even some of the most important universities in the world. At the same time, it organizes the Nobel Prize ceremonies every year. In this article, we will travel together to this important city, and you will be given various ideas about what you can see and do there and what flavors you can taste when you visit it.

Travel organization

Sweden has 20 airports, 5 of which are relatively close to Stockholm. However, the best-known airport is that of Arlanda, which is chosen by many as it is considered the largest and best in Stockholm in terms of service. Three main airlines are flying to Stockholm County, namely Lufthansa, SAS, and Emirates. This is a relatively economical trip as long as you are informed about the ticket prices to book them at the best possible price.

Must do and see

In Stockholm, just because it is a huge city, you will be lost in the countless options it can offer you. First, you should visit Gamla Stan. It is one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval city centers and one of Stockholm’s main attractions. There, everything is like an open museum full of attractions, shops, markets, cafes, and restaurants. It is a popular place for shopping for handmade products.

After that, it is worth visiting the royal palace, which is the royal family’s residence. It is a massive palace with over 600 rooms. In addition to the banquet halls, there are five interesting museums in the palace, including the Royal Arsenal, the museum with royal costumes and armor. If you are a museum lover, it is also worth seeing the Vasa Museum, where you can admire the only ship of the 17th century that has been preserved to this day. This ship is a unique art jewel and one of the world’s major attractions. This ship can be seen in the unique museum built in Stockholm, which hosts nine more exhibitions, a complete and organized shop, and a restaurant.

In addition, it is worth seeing the Stockholm City Hall, one of the most famous buildings in Stockholm, as it has a tall tower 106 meters high. The town hall is open for people as long as they are on guided tours. You can also climb inside the building and enjoy a fantastic city view.

Alternative ideas for Stockholm

You will often hear people say that Stockholm is a “copy” of Venice. You may find that out when you ride a boat. Exploring Stockholm by water is an enjoyable experience. You can choose the way you want to explore Stockholm. Specifically, you can select one of the many excursions according to your interests, such as the Under the Stockholm Bridges tour, the Royal Canal tour, Historical Canal Tour, and the early Good Morning Stockholm tour. Everything is focused on central Stockholm and lasts from 50 minutes to 2 ½ hours. During winter, cruises are limited.

Also, there’s Hop On Hop Off, a versatile way to see Stockholm from the water. The ticket is for unlimited journeys during a 24-hour period and can also be combined with the bus. The archipelago Race is ideal for those who want to see the archipelago but do not have much time. On a fast Speedo boat, you can get a feel of the archipelago and its 30,000 islands in less than 2 hours. Another alternative idea that dominates Stockholm is the Royal National City Park. It is a vanguard as it is the first National Park to form an arc more than six miles long that extends around and into the city. There, you will be able to meet many animals, such as deer and foxes, elk, rare birds, butterflies, and insects.

In addition, there is an abundance of things to see, such as museums, an amusement park, theaters, castles, hotels, sports facilities, many residences from different historical periods, hills with century-old trees, oaks, lakes, streams, marshes, and canals, meadows with grazing cows, horses and sheep, secluded spots for swimming, rocky hills and areas with wild, unspoiled nature, where it will be hard to believe that you are in the middle of a big city.


In Stockholm, you will find everything you want regarding food, such as Greek, Chinese, Mexican, and flavors from other countries. However, there are popular Stockholm dishes worth trying, such as sandwiches with herring. Of course, it is worth trying different types of meat as the way they combine spices creates a beautiful result that will impress you.

Finally, in Stockholm, you can find shops where you can cook your own food. This practice mainly concerns barbecue, where you have to cook the meat as you want and with whatever seasonings you want and then combine it with other foods, salads, and side dishes offered by each store.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Stockholm: A Trip To The Charming Capital Of Sweden
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