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All You Need to Know Before You Land In Kazakhstan

Over the years, over-sized Kazakhstan has been subjected to attacks by the Russian and British empires, with significant changes occurring within the country and local culture, which is unfortunately unknown by a large portion of the population. A glance at the world map of this extensive country of Asia is enough to attract a satisfactory amount of our interest and curiosity.

Kazakhstan itself and its residents are interested in the image of the country as a travel destination. In the meantime, some exciting personalities ensured that Kazakhstan was recognized as a tourist destination. One of them is the creator of Kazakhstan’s tourism campaign for 2020, Dennis Keen. Coming from the United States, he decided to participate in a student exchange program in the Kazakh state. After this experience, he decided to settle there permanently. The campaign uses the phrase from the Borat film, “Very nice!” to impress the tourists. So, let’s see what impressed Dennis that much.

Let the flavors introduce you to the Kazakh nomad life

To get to know a place, it is essential to understand its roots and history. Where do current habits come from, and what do they symbolize? Nomadic populations in Kazakhstan appeared as early as the 15th century, leaving elements of heritage and culture in the current state. Food played an important role in the difficult life cycle of the nomads, a time when hunger was a real issue. For this reason, nomads paid a lot of attention to the food, believing that this does not just fill the stomach but imparts inspiration and a strong spirit, something we would probably call a “strong immune system” today. Some of the recipes are common to this day.

When a daughter was about to get married, her parents prepared a dish called “Ulpershek” to declare their love for her. So, symbolically, the main ingredient of the food is the veal heart, accompanied by various seasonings. When a woman has just given birth, they prepare “Bylamyk,” a nourishing cream that will help the new mother overcome postpartum depression, produce more nutritious milk, as well as help the newborn overcome any colic pain painlessly. It is made with flour, butter, cow’s milk, millet juice, salt, and sugar.

Colorful tulips in various regions

When we think of tulips, usually, our minds go straight to Holland. What most people don’t know is that Kazakhstan grows tulips on its own, without human intervention. In April and May, in Turkistan, Jabil, and Almaty regions, yellow, red, and orange tulips bloom every year. However, keep in mind that it is forbidden to cut them.

The healing properties of Alakol Lake

Of course, Kazakhstan is not surrounded by the sea. But Lake Alakol in Almaty is so large that it has plenty of shores and bays. Of course, they remind us nothing of the green waters or the golden sand. Black sand and umbrellas lined up await visitors. The difference between this lake and the sea lies in the fact that it has healing properties. Many people visit the place for the thermal waters and testify that they have a significant effect on them indeed.

Landscapes that remind us of distant planets

    • Kiinkerish Tract resembles Mars
      Red rocky landscapes in Altyn-Emel national park are like a photo representation of the planet Mars. Definitely worth a visit there, but always accompanied by a guide.
    • Bozjyra resemles Uranus
      The similarities are obvious. As the sizeable icy planet Uranus looks from the telescope, so does this part of Kazakhstan. The only difference is that it does not share the very sub-zero degrees of temperature.

Transportation and Climate

    • Transportation: in Kazakhstan, there are 20 airports and plenty of trains, metro, buses, and trams, all of which are very well maintained.
    • Climate: the climate is unique, with freezing winters (the capital Nursultan is the coldest capital in the world). Therefore, one visit in the spring or summer months will be preferred.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - All You Need to Know Before You Land In Kazakhstan
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