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Doha: The Capital Of Qatar And The Diamond Of Middle East

Doha is the capital of Qatar and its largest city. It is located in the Middle East and has thousands of inhabitants. Its quality of life, cosmopolitan aura, and majestic character attract people from the Middle East and the Western world. The name Doha comes from the Arabic word “ad-dawah,” meaning “big tree.”

The history of Doha refers to a great tree that was probably located on the site, where originally, there was a small fishing village that evolved and became the current city of Doha. In 1916, the city became the capital of the British protectorate of Qatar. In 1971 the nation gained its independence, and Doha remained the capital of Qatar. So in this article, we will travel together to Doha and give you exciting ideas about what to see and do when you visit it.

Travel organization

Doha, which, as mentioned before, belongs to the Middle East, is widespread. For this reason, various airlines organize flights to and from Doha, and the cost of this trip is considered quite economical. In Doha, you will find hotels for all kinds of tastes. Affordable and expensive prices for luxurious hotels that can offer you all the comforts you need. However, even budget hotels are equally beautiful and can satisfy most of your desires.

Must do and see

When you visit Doha, the only sure thing is that you will be lost among the thousands of options it offers. To begin with, it is worth visiting the Souq Waqif, that is, the well-known Doha market that will take you to another era. There you will find shops with fabrics, spices, souvenirs, and works of art. Also, if you are hungry, dozens of shops with Syrian cuisine are ready to welcome you with traditional Syrian dishes. After your meal, you can visit Kornis in Doha for an enjoyable walk overlooking the promenade, enjoying your walk with a coffee in hand. In addition, you can see the museums of Islamic art and Seikh Faisal to learn more about the local culture. Another idea is to visit Villagio Mall for your shopping since it is one of the largest in Qatar and inside there is a canal.

Alternative ideas for Doha

In Doha, although shopping, walking, and exploring new places will captivate you, various ideas will surprise you more. Specifically, if you are a fan of water sports, you can visit the Pearl, which is an artificial island inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. The place has colorful houses, cafes, shops, canals, and bridges. However, there you will be able to engage in water sports as the location is organized in a way that is suitable for surfing or kayaking. For football fans, too, Doha has one of the best and most world-famous football stadiums.


Various Middle Eastern countries influence Doha’s gastronomy. You can find samples of Turkish cuisine, Lebanese, Syrian, and ethnic cuisine. Their gastronomy is based primarily on meat, rice, legumes, and soups and less on pasta and fish. Of course, being a cosmopolitan country, it also has American-style shops for fast-food lovers, where people can enjoy a burger. In Doha, dishes such as kebab, falafel, and liver are often cooked. In addition, a traditional drink which is a mixture of yogurt, cucumber water, and various spices, is served before lunch.

Of course, for street-food lovers, there are solutions such as tortillas stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms, halloumi, and meat. Doha cuisine is similar to the Mediterranean. The raw ingredients are the same, and what changes is the way of cooking and the different spices. But in any case, their dishes look so tempting that they are definitely worth trying. So if you want to live the experience of a magical trip to Doha, you just have to book a ticket there. The culture and the beautiful landscapes will surely surprise you.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - Doha: The Capital Of Qatar And The Diamond Of Middle East
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