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How can Loyalty Schemes help your Brand?

Achille Traore

Brands are turning to loyalty schemes to drive growth, retention, and repeat business. But do these big claims hold up? And what exactly can loyalty programs accomplish?

  • Incentivising repeat purchases
    Offering rewards for loyalty is more than just a gesture of appreciation – it taps into the psychology of human behaviour. By providing incentives for repeat purchases, brands can trigger a sense of accomplishment in their customers, creating a desire to continue making purchases to earn rewards.

    Take for example the popular rewards program run by Starbucks, which offers free drinks, food items, and personalised discounts for accumulated stars earned through purchases. Today, the program has nearly 29 million active members worldwide and has driven over half of total sales for the coffee giant.

    Additionally, the concept of loss aversion plays a role in keeping retention rates high. People are more likely to act to avoid losing something they have worked to gain. A rewards program provides another reason for customers to stick with a brand because they will lose out if they switch.

  • Collecting valuable first-party customer data
    One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of loyalty schemes in 2023 is first-party data collection. Customer loyalty programs provide brands with insight into customer behaviour and purchase preferences that can be used to improve marketing and sales efforts. For example, brands can use data to offer more personalised shopping experiences, which improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Building trust between customers and brands
    An effective loyalty program can also improve the reputation of a brand and build trust. Brands can show their appreciation for their customers by offering rewards. This fosters positive feelings towards a brand and generates positive word-of-mouth marketing. Customers who feel appreciated and rewarded are more likely to become advocates, recommending the brand to their network and leaving glowing reviews online.

White Label Loyalty is powering loyalty solutions for brands in every industry

For brands looking to take advantage of the many benefits of loyalty schemes, White Label Loyalty offers solutions that benefit both customers and businesses alike. 

Our technology features a range of innovative options, such as tiered rewards systems and gamification that encourage customers to reach new levels of engagement and unlock even more exciting rewards. 

Brands can also create personalised experiences that speak directly to their customers’ preferences, making each interaction unique and valuable. Plus, with the platform’s advanced analytics, businesses can track real-time customer behaviour and collect useful insights to optimise their loyalty scheme and maximise impact. 

Loyalty programs are an excellent investment for brands looking to achieve long-term growth and build strong relationships with their customers. With the help of innovative platforms like White Label Loyalty, brands can create exciting and unique loyalty programs that not only incentivize repeat purchases but also improve their reputation, foster trust, and collect valuable data. It is no wonder why more and more brands are turning to loyalty programs to stay ahead of the competition.

Written by Achille Traore.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Insider - How can Loyalty Schemes help your Brand?
Achille Traore
Achille Traore, CEO & Founder of White Label Loyalty. Seasoned entrepreneur, Achille Traore has a wealth of experience in establishing and operating successful businesses. Ventures include, White Label Loyalty, an enterprise-grade API-first digital loyalty platform enabling businesses to connect and reward customers, Swoosch, an innovative crowdfunding platform for special occasions, and Top Screen Media, an innovative advertising and touch screen kiosk solution for retail, tourism and other high footfall areas with a global reach.

Achille Traore is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.