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Different Forms Of Dancing And Their Importance

Dancing is a predominant form of expression that, contrary to what we may think, is used may many creatures in the animal kingdom. Specific kinds of male birds use their impressive colorful wings together with combined movements to impress the female. In this article, we will make a small presentation of how people have decided to express themselves through their movement.

  1. Circle dance 

    Circle dance or chain dance is a form of dance that takes place in most parts of Europe and the Middle East. The participants stand next to each other and hold their hands, forming a line. Once the music begins, they start moving using certain steps common for every dance member. As they move, they create a circle and move around this circle until the end of the song. In some cases, the first and the last dancer in the line will make more sophisticated moves that will catch the attention of the dancers and the audience.
    The idea here is to encourage everyone participating in the celebration to dance. The fact that people hold their hands together is important because it allows them to show their solidarity with each other. No one is left behind because each one is holding hands with someone else. In addition, the steps are particular, which is also important here. It allows people to follow simple directions to keep their harmonic movement. The shape of the circle is also used to underline the significance of the solidarity between the members.
    Different types of music have different kinds of steps and structures. People are not obliged to move forward. There are backward steps also. Moreover, it is very common that people will move towards the center of this circle and generally change the shape of the circle. Since this way of dancing was a common practice for many centuries in some regions, it is apparent that many kinds got created, and some have quite complicated movements. People wanted to add variety and spice things up, which is why this kind of dance is so popular. The whole event looks like a ceremony, and people are delighted to bond in this primitive way to meet and interact with their partners. 

  2. Dancing in couples 

    Many dances expect you to have a partner to be able to participate in the dance. Tango is a common example of that, and it has been spread worldwide. It is usually a person of the opposite sex that has to be occupied during this type of dance, and the reason is mainly to bring people together and allow them to develop relationships. 

  3. Dancing on your own 

    Of course, dancing is not something we have to do with others; we can use the practice to release all the extra energy we carry. In addition, there are dances that people dance alone to attract the audience’s attention. A perfect example of that is the belly dance that has been developed in the Middle East and has been embraced by many people around the world. In this case, people will dance to be seen. They do not dance just for themselves, but they want to involve the viewer in some way. People who will observe the dance are active parts of the performance. 

  4. Dancing all together 

    Last but not least, people will dance in large groups no matter what because dancing is a need. Today, techno offers that possibility to many people. A very free way to dance with strangers without having to know any particular steps. Just following the music will let dancers express themselves.
    At the same time, in many places in Africa, people will dance all together but at the same time take care so that they make the same movements. What people see today in video clips of pop music is a practice for many Africans. So dancing together is common regardless of whether people have choreography or just follow their instincts.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - Different Forms Of Dancing And Their Importance
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