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How Millennials Want To Have The Opportunity To Fall And Why This Is OK

If there is a fact about the millennial generation is that people are less and less allowed to make mistakes. The fact that our lives became easy in terms of survival gave us a different perspective on success. The roles a person has to fulfill are numerous. What people need the most is proven by the appearance of applications for mobile phones that help you calm down and relax. This is happening due to society’s great demands that we now have to deal with.
Let’s take a moment and think of the following picture: an infant struggles hard until it finally manages to crawl. What will the parents do when they see their baby succeeding in this very first attempt at independence? They clap and congratulate it; in a few words, they get happy, which is a healthy reaction. When their baby manages to walk, they clap once again, and the same scenario appears when the baby can finally run and say its first words, and so on. On the contrary, when an adult manages to complete some simple goals, we don’t seem to get that excited. To be precise, we expect adults to achieve everything right from the start just because someone else did it before them. We seem to find it hard that in order to run, you have to walk first, and before walking, you need to have managed to crawl. Standing on your two feet is something that every baby does, but just because all kids do it, that doesn’t mean it is easy. A process may be easy for someone who is familiar with it. However, it was not an easy task to do when you needed to learn how to complete it.
While infants succeed in most of their goals in a relatively predicted period of time, things change when it comes to adulthood. The evolution and development of every individual are not identical to the growth of babies and infants. The reason is that different things appear along the way as we grow up. Different obstacles and opportunities will shape our character and personality playing a key role in how we will finally be as adults.
Just because others may have managed to make a clear distance right before we did this does not mean our effort and our success is less important. So there is no reason to underestimate people’s success. Research has been conducted, and psychologists asked elderly people who had reached a point of wisdom in their lives what their advice for the next generation would be. There were many interesting answers regarding how one should care less about other people’s opinions. However, what triggered the psychologists more was that many elders encouraged younger generations to be more kind to other people. As no one is aware of the gigantic obstacles another person may face in their lives, it is suggested to be kind when interacting with others. Life is an exciting journey, but at the same time, it is a difficult one, and this is not only for you but for everyone.
What if we had permission to mess up, and what if we had permission to be amateur in whatever we do? Can you think of how less the stress would be on our shoulders? And for the sake of the truth, what is an amateur in the first place? The dictionary defines the amateur as a person engaging in studies or other activities for pleasure rather than financial or professional reasons. Taking the mask of perfection off and saying we are not professionals relieves us from all the stress and anxiety that come with expectations. In yoga, people say that the absence of any expectation can only bring good because there is no room for disappointment. To conceive the contribution of amateurs in society, let’s look at the situation on social media. Influencers are not real professionals. They are people who have turned their hobby into a way of leaving. It is highly doubted that the model of perfection will last for a long time due to the challenge of remaining sustainable.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - How Millennials Want To Have The Opportunity To Fall And Why This Is OK
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