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7 Of The Most Expensive Fascinating Books In The World

They say that a book is a mirror that reflects your personality. Books have been a source of education for centuries; for some people, it’s more than just a hobby. From ancient civilizations to modern times, it is common to see people spending thousands of dollars to have a copy of various books. And as prices go sky-high for new releases, this list will help you achieve your goal of reading not only famous books but also more obscure ones.
Books are a testament to the power of literacy, knowledge, and words. These books have been valuable investments throughout history and are still worth their weight in gold today. They also show how much we’ve learned about humanity (and the value of words) over time. When choosing what to read next, it may seem strange to consider a book’s price. But this is nothing new. Books are often valued for their rarity and historical value. Here are the top most expensive books in the world.

  1. Codex Leicester
    Price: $30.8 million
    In 1994, Bill Gates spent $30.8 million on a 72-page book containing Leonardo da Vinci’s writings and sketches. The Codex Leicester is possibly the most expensive book in the world. The book comprises Leonardo’s thoughts and theories on various topics, from astronomy to the nature of water. The Codex is a beautiful example of Leonardo’s genius, and its value lies in its rarity and insights into the mind of one of history’s greatest thinkers.

  2. St. Cuthbert’s Gospel
    Price: $15.1 million
    St. Cuthbert’s Gospel is a small, early 8th-century Gospel Book. It is one of the few remaining manuscripts from the early Anglo-Saxon period. The book was sold in 2011 at a fundraising campaign hosted by the British Library for $15.1 million, making it the most expensive manuscript ever sold at auction. The Gospel book is fascinating because it is one of the few manuscripts to have survived the iconoclasm of the English Reformation unscathed.

  3. Bay Psalm Book
    Price: $14.2 million
    The Bay Psalm Book was the initial book printed in British North America and was used as a hymnal by the Puritans. Collectors and historians highly prize the book for its rarity and importance in the history of the printed text. The book was sold at auction in 2103 for $14.2 million, making it one of the most-priced printed books in the world.

  4. Gospel of Henry the Lion
    Price: $11.7 million
    The Gospel of Henry the Lion is an 11th-century illuminated manuscript gospel book. It is one of the most crucial abiding examples of Ottonian art and was created for Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony. The book is generously illustrated with over 1,000 figures and is considered a masterpiece of medieval art. It was auctioned by Sotheby’s in 1983 for $11.5 million, making it one of the most cherished gospels.

  5. The Birds of America
    Price: $11.5 million
    The Birds of America is a book that contains illustrations and information about the different types of birds found in America. The book is divided into sections sorted by region; each section contains information on the different birds in that region. The book also includes information on each bird’s habitat, diet, and behavior. The illustrations are detailed and accurate, and the information is fascinating. The book is expensive, but it is worth the price for the stunning illustrations and the wealth of information.

  6. The Canterbury Tales
    Price: $11.1 Million
    The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer was auctioned in 1998 for over $11 million. The book is a collection of 24 stories Chaucer wrote in the late 14th century. A group tells the stories of pilgrims traveling to the shrine of Thomas Becket. These pilgrims are journeying to Canterbury, hence the name. The tales are a captivating and heartfelt mix of tragedy, comedy, and satire and offer a candid glimpse into the lives of people in medieval England. The book is one of the most important works of English literature, and its value lies in its historical significance and literary merit.

  7. First Folio, William Shakespeare
    Price: $6 million
    The First Folio is an esteemed collection of Shakespeare’s plays published in 1623, seven years after his death. It is the most authoritative and complete edition of his works and is considered one of the essential books in the history of literature. The First Folio was compiled by Shakespeare’s friends and colleagues and included 36 of his plays. Out of these, 18 plays had never been published before. It is an important text for those interested in Shakespeare and is the basis for all modern editions of his plays. The First Folio is a beautiful book with intricate illustrations and a luxurious binding. It is a treasured possession for any book lover and will impress anyone who sees it.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - 7 Of The Most Expensive Fascinating Books In The World
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