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Investing in Success has the Same Compounding Formula as Financial Investment

William Beauchamp

Life is about risk. And, no one knows that more than William Beauchamp. He spent his teenage years dreaming about becoming a professional poker player and made £100,000 before he started studying Economics at Cambridge University. He continued playing poker throughout his university career and as he approached graduation, he saw two paths before him.

One risk was joining a trading firm and investing other people’s money – a more traditional route. The other risk was taking a giant leap and creating opportunities to invest in himself, using his own capital. Beauchamp took that leap.

He turned his university side project—algorithmic trading—into a business, betting on himself.

“I was excited to be able to make money just by sitting at my computer, thinking and applying math. So, I started working on this with a friend,” he said. “Focusing on horse betting.” 

But that first year was difficult. He lost £10,000, and his friend decided to return to a traditional path and took a high-flying job in the United States. Beauchamp, however, was passionate about playing the odds, and understood that there is no great success without great risk. He decided to stay the course and continued betting on himself, and that decision led to the launch of Seamless Capital. An algorithmic trading firm that is currently worth more than £10,000.

Despite Seamless Capital’s success, Beauchamp knew that he could build something that was even more exciting, and that’s when OpenAI launched ChatGPT launched. He saw the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) presented an enormous opportunity. Motivated, Beauchamp again took a risk and launched Chai Research. A start-up now based in Palo Alto, Chai Research has developed an interactive AI platform serving more than 500 million messages a month.

What’s unique about Chai Resarch’s AI is that they have no topic limitations, so users do not feel like they’re having a conversation with a machine. Instead, the AI engages in meaningful interactions, while getting to know the user, like Google or YouTube. So, eventually, users will be able to go to their friendly AI with any question that they have and get an entertaining and informative response.

Taking an entertaining approach to AI hasn’t been done before, and already the platform has 100,000 users and brings in over $1 million a year in revenue. Again, proving the profits of betting on oneself for maximum reward. 

Success breeds success, as continued financial investment can bring compounded interest. A boy who once qualified for free school meals and studied at Cambridge University on scholarship, has continued to reap the massive returns of managing risk, pursuing a keen vision and investing in oneself. 

“No one is going to make you successful; you must go out there and create it,” he said. And, to do that one needs to assess all the risk factors, evaluate potential outcomes and ask the question, “what’s the best bet that I can make?”

Written by William Beauchamp.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Investing in Success has the Same Compounding Formula as Financial Investment
William Beauchamp
William Beauchamp is the Founder and CEO of Chai Research Corp, the world’s largest AI platform for entertainment, with the mission to build the world’s most entertaining conversational-AI.

William Beauchamp is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.