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How Trisha Bailey is driving Entrepreneurship as women of color

Trisha Bailey

The driving forces behind the most critical element of America’s current marketplace and the future of the economy are the women of color. The women of color are the founders and owners of the country’s leading businesses and organizations. This is due to the different causes for women entrepreneurs, which helps increased business capital like microenterprises, capital-funded firms, and crowdfunding, which help their careers grow substantially. However, there are many obstacles that women of color face when they start their businesses. This leads us to how they overcome all these obstacles and become outstanding entrepreneurs. 

The driving force behind the female entrepreneurs

The reason why women of color tend to become entrepreneurs is to not give up on the dreams that are beneficial not only to them but also to society. Despite that, when it comes to working on their dreams, structural problems in the workforce limit women and push them to find something else. Rather than changing the toxic rule that restricts women in the corporate world, they ask women to follow them. These rules negatively affect women of color because they limit their workplace advancement. That is why these women become the leader of their own life, choose the best alternative for themselves, and, i.e., become entrepreneurs. Women of color, but women in general, came across unique challenges in traditional workplaces. 

The increase in the number of women of color entrepreneurs

From 1997 to 2013, the number of firms owned by women entrepreneurs in the United States has widened up to 59 percent— which is one-and-a-half times the national average. A more detailed evaluation of the statistics has proven that women of color are the most significant catalyst behind this growth.

Trisha Bailey, the successful business magnate

When it comes to mentioning women of color working as an entrepreneur, there are numerous examples of them who have beaten men in their own game and become experts in their industry.

Trisha Bailey is arguably one of the most successful woman entrepreneurs that we have today. She has made significant improvements in her hometown and worldwide through her business endeavors. Bailey was born and lived in Jamaica; she works in the Medical Equipment & Supplies, Pharmacy, and Real Estate Development industries, where she assists others through her expertise, knowledge, and experience. Bailey was raised in a low-income family, where they had to let go of many things because of the lack of resources, but she didn’t give up on her dreams. She kept on dreaming, working on those dreams, and now living them at their best.

According to her, “I was the first person to graduate college in my family, the first person to get a Master’s degree, and the first person to get a doctorate in my family.” And right after that, she has nothing to stop her.

Trisha Bailey

The endeavors of Trisha Bailey

Bailey operates a number of businesses, including Bailey’s Pharmacy in Vero Beach, Florida, which she founded in 2011, and Bailey’s Scrubs, both of which are located in the same area. She is considered a phenomenal businessperson with brilliant corporative skills, as she has the necessary intellectual command to run a renowned and well-acclaimed business. Her work ethic is the reason why she has made it so far, as she advocates giving consumers the finest quality in the things provided to them. One reason she has become one of the few female entrepreneurs with one billion dollars of fortune in the United States is her capability to stay determined and dedicated to whatever path she chooses. 

Here is the following thing she has received in the 18 years of her career;

  • She became the first Black Woman that own commercial Real Estate in the state of Florida, Vero Beach, and Edgewood.
  • Bailey is the first Black woman who ranked 65 on the list of Home Medical Equipment for Medicare providers in the United States.
  • She is also the only Black woman in Florida with a value of over half a Billion Dollars.
  • She is also the first and only Black Woman in the top 4 finalists for Women-of-the Year in the Home Medical Equipment Industry.
  • Bailey owns over 50 commercial and residential real estate, including 9 companies, all of which have values exceeding $10 million.
  • She was also the First & Youngest Black woman to be a Stock-Broker for Solomon Smith Barney in 1999 in the New England Region.
  • Her Medical Equipment (Medical Hotspots’, Inc) business is the fastest-growing Home Medical Equipment business in the United States.

Though these are her career achievements, we believe that her hard work and think she will be more successful in the future. However, she believes in giving back to the community by supporting educational, humanitarian, and social initiatives.

Giving back to the society

“I believe in caring for others. My sole purpose on this earth is to care for others. Helping and extending services to the elderly and disabled renews my spirit that I am carrying out the purpose God has ordained me to do. I’ve sent over 100 children to four-year college/universities through my charity program. I have also contributed to changing the graduation rate from 47% at Evans High School to 98.5%.”

She is also the lead donor for the University of Connecticut Track & Field program.

The future is Trisha Bailey

Just like her perfect present, Trisha has a successful future ahead of her because, in 2021, it is expected that her medical Equipment and Supplies company will be ranked in the top 50 Medicare Providers in the United States. 

It is also expected that she will be among the elites within the next 5-10 years as one of the few Black Woman Billionaires. For now, her primary focus is to expand her brand, “Creating My Own Yes.”

To conclude, we can say that Trisha Bailey is a Businesswoman who came from nothing but has single-handedly built an empire and is now on the move to the Billionaire Club.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - How Trisha Bailey is driving Entrepreneurship as women of color
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