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Karma for Beginners – Simple Life Tips that Apply Everywhere

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Karma examines the relationship between the reason that leads to specific results. However, it is not about punishing it implies that things happen to teach us the lessons we have to learn.

No one can avoid the consequences of his actions, but he will only suffer if he but he will suffer only if he himself has made the conditions ripe for his suffering. In this article, we shed some light on how things work and what you can do to avoid pain and embrace joy.

  1. Patience and reward
    True happiness comes when we have sweat and put much effort into something. Things that come easily are not as satisfying as we would like them to be and reward always comes at the right time. Sometimes we tend to focus on the result we want to achieve and we forget how hard we have to try to accomplish our goal. This is why patience is an important characteristic of those who can live a happy life.

  2. Love is a universal truth
    Even though it cannot be measured in mathematical terms nor can we put labels on it love is an energy that we can all feel? We can feel its different forms and the various levels it can go. We can also sense the absence of love and the presence of fear. Many religions define fear as the opposite of love, instead of hatred that some may think. We even get to be taught what love is; in the school class, the family, and society in general. The reason love is so discussed, so praised and adored in poetry, music, and paintings is because it is real.

  3. Attention and focus
    We can never think about two different things at the same time. What we can do is think about one thing for a very small amount of time and directly turn our focus and think of something else right after that but we cannot think about both of them simultaneously. This is how the human brain works. So, when our attention is focused on spiritual values it is almost impossible to be greedy or mad at the same time. Knowing how focus works is a terrific tool to manage to live our lives the way we want. We simply focus on what we want to achieve and let the rest of the thoughts pass us by.

  4. Here and now
    Looking back to see what happened distracts us from living in the present. Thoughts regarding the past make us nostalgic or sad depending on the experience we remember. Usually thinking about the future will either fill our hearts with excitement or fear; fear of the unknown or fear that we won’t be able to make it. Living in the present is mostly linked to the absence of thought. Thought will eventually lead us to move to the past or the future. Reducing thinking can drive us to wonderful paths of joy and fulfillment.

  5. Action and reaction
    Karma is the Sanskrit word for taking action. It is related to Newton’s law of action and reaction, except that many philosophers claim that people should not react, they should just act. The surrounding conditions should not be the initiator of our actions. Realizing ourselves deeply enough will make us be more concentrated on what we want rather than what happens. This way we can stop worrying about how we will handle particular situations and we only ask the question ”Where do I want to lead things.” This is a part of how we become the determining factor that makes a change not only in our lives but in the whole world.

  6. Responsibility is the key to solving your problems
    The idea here is simple; every time something goes wrong in my life, there is something wrong with me. We are just the mirror of what is around and what is around is the mirror of what we are. Thinking that we are responsible for what has happened means that we also have the power to fix it. The crucial part is to remember that as long as you are the one to blame, you are the one who can change things also.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - Karma for Beginners – Simple Life Tips that Apply Everywhere
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