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JFB Construction & Development, a Reputable National Retailer and Contractor

Joseph Frank Basile III

The demand for developers rises in tandem with the expansion of the construction industry. In this subject, Third-generation developer Joseph Frank Basile III is a name worth mentioning. Joseph has extensive experience in property acquisition and development, and he now owns and is developing several assets, including commercial buildings and multifamily apartments. Joseph offers the business a specific business plan as the foundation for the organization’s strategic ambitions and practices.

Contrarily, Joseph has succeeded by being tenacious, dependable, and honest. He believes his success and strong business relationships result from his honesty and loyalty. As Joe’s father advised, “make your handshake more valuable than your signature.” After finishing college and experiencing the life of a semi-pro athlete, Joseph decided to work for the family’s development business and advance it. As a result, most Franchises and Corporations now list JFB Construction & Development, a reputable national retailer and contractor.

“We develop lasting connections with our clients and people in addition to simply developing structures and communities.” – JFB Construction & Development,

The generational experience of JFB Construction & Development (“JFB”) in residential and commercial construction and development totals more than 100 years. With expertise in constructing multifamily communities, upscale estates, equestrian residences, and over 2 million square feet of commercial retail and shopping malls, they offer practical, expert knowledge that has contributed to the high caliber and output for which they are renowned.

For more than 40 years, JFB has been creating real estate developments in Florida. JFB offers unequaled focus and attention to detail in oversight and construction management, whether constructing a brand-new facility from the ground up or enlarging existing ones. On every project, the in-house design, engineering, construction, financing, and leasing & sales expertise collaborate to create a completely integrated solution that reduces costs and speeds up procedures.

They aim to meet the expectations of clients through advanced scheduling, extensive construction knowledge, and creative problem-solving, and constant communication throughout the construction process. The confidence of their clients and the value they add to each project have helped JFB build its reputation. They happen to have a top-notch staff, which enables them to offer a quick building process from pre-design to close-out. JFB takes great pride because most projects come from repeat business and recommendations. They have provided general contracting and construction management services in 27 U.S. states and 2 other countries.

Whether it be a TI buildout, interior refurbishment, or new construction of a retail center or office building, JFB does it all. All of their projects come with a standard one-year warranty walkthrough and prompt, effective project close-out procedures, which include warranties for the as-built and related components. The company specializes in creating unique luxury homes and remodeling their interiors. They are deeply committed to providing a high caliber of craftsmanship and individualized service.

JFB approaches construction management with a proactive and hands-on attitude and offers specialized services to clients along the East Coast for all commercial and residential projects. Furthermore, JFB takes surmount pleasure in its reputation for producing exceptional products via careful planning, attention to detail, and unmatched construction quality. Due to this, they now have the chance to construct homes in some of Florida’s most elite neighborhoods.

Their highly skilled management team serves as the client’s single point of contact and accountability, coordinating and supervising all aspects of our commercial building projects. Their team structure includes senior executive involvement, a dedicated project manager, dedicated staff, construction managers, superintendents, engineers, and other technical specialists at all stages of development and construction. They foster collaboration with architects, engineers, subcontractors, consultants, and other professionals.

Thanks to in-house general contracting, JFB can take a hands-on approach to all aspects of development and construction, including but not limited to: choosing, negotiating, and buying real estate in a prime location and making sure it is titled and zoned suitably. developing a viable business plan based on industry trends, factual data, and financial markets. We will be better able to get project funding with favorable terms if we structure and establish our financial stack early.

JFB focuses on creating a clear work scope that is understood by all parties, choosing the optimal development and schedule strategy, and assembling a top-notch team of architects, engineers, and consultants. Directly implementing entitlements and obtaining required county and city approvals as a general contractor, Joseph had direct control over all building divisions and he negotiated every line item with trustworthy, responsible subcontractors. Joseph believes that we must integrate marketing, leasing, or sales teams in order to successfully lease up or sell out, stabilize our projects, and fulfil the proforma schedules.

JFB is your ideal partner for tenant improvement, commercial buildouts, and new construction projects of all sizes, as they are commercial contractors with decades of experience throughout several states. We know how to create extraordinary surroundings that exceed our client’s expectations because they specialize in commercial construction and tenant improvements. When it comes to completing complicated projects within schedule and budget while upholding a craftsman’s eye for detail and quality, JFB is the one for you.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Opinions - JFB Construction & Development, a Reputable National Retailer and Contractor
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