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The Power of Data Analytics for Tourism Ministries and their Industry Partners

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With the surge of data analytics capabilities, the time to seize this opportunity and reimagine tourism, is here. Indispensable data insights gained, can aid government agencies not only to engage visitors, but also, it can shed light on their tourism investment. At the local and national level, accurate information enables effective and successful international marketing campaigns to promote country brands while endorsing national economic development.

Likewise, local tourism suppliers can get a better understanding of customer preferences and behavior. Data analytics provides them the opportunity to understand trends, predict demand more accurately and improve the traveler’s experience with customized actionable marketing strategies.

Fortunately, the global market can count on the MagellanGO App. This disruptive new technology has become a government’s new greatest weapon, to leverage powerful descriptive and predictive insights. The application allows them to know their visitors, anticipate their behaviors and identify marketing opportunities. Government agencies, tourism suppliers and visitors all win. 

Travel Tourism

“As tourist destinations are ardently promoting their tourism brands, the primary challenge they are facing is that Destinations are numerous, and consumers have increasing choice. The result is a heightened global competition for visitors and visitor spending. It’s no longer Jamaica competing with Costa Rica, but rather, both competing with other destinations around the world. Therefore, National Tourism Bureaus must shift to customer-centricity practices for all their marketing initiatives”, said James Ram, President of MagellanGO LLC. This approach would have a keen focus on tourist needs in each market with differentiated marketing campaigns, tailored to their preferences and expectations. 

New technology is driving new tourists’ preferences and expectations where convenience, efficiency and a seamless experience have become the new norm. Travelers want expedited airport clearance, single travel wallet, and digital travel forms and services, all in one place. MagellanGO does just that by simplifying the border entry process and providing a frictionless experience for the traveler as well as providing reporting / analytics services for Governments. 

For most nations, developing a crystalline visitor profile has become one of the major challenges.  While mountains of data are gathered on visitors, it usually is gibberish, inaccessible and non-analyzable: literally no intelligence is gained from this data. Tourism Departments need a reporting solution with the right data at the right time that facilitates processing and delivery of reliable and relevant content to the tourist. MagellanGO, a prodigious application, provides government agencies a whole new perspective on how to market their destinations by applying business intelligence concepts to their national target-marketing approach. National governments are now capable of reducing marketing expenditure while maximizing their marketing efforts by developing frequent and repeat-visitor programs through highly personalized, incentive-based strategies and omnichannel marketing.

New technologies are expanding the possibilities of reimagining tourism under a new norm of preferences and expectations. “MagellanGO is using Business Intelligence and CRM principles that provide a much-needed assistance to National Governments and Tourism Bureaus in planning, implementing, and managing all the necessary data, by employing blockchain hashing, tokenization, and encryption, thus providing a fortress of secure measures. This allows country destinations to attain more qualified visitors, convert qualified visitors into profitable customers and retain each customer relationship accurately, easily, simply, and efficiently for the full lifetime value of the visitor.”, states Ram in describing the benefits of Governments implementing MagellanGO.

Travel Tourism

Tourism Ministries and their Industry Partners stand the chance to lose competitive ground should they decide to wait to embrace new technology. Although budgetary issues attempt to undermine the imperative of embracing data analytics, what is needed most is the right mindset. Reimagining tourism calls for government leaders with a vision and courage to open the space and time to create necessary change and know that data analytics drives tourism industry success.  

It is time to let data analytics be the norm that shapes strategy, and no longer only just a trend. New technology such as MagellanGO is transforming the way marketing country destinations can be accomplished in ways never thought of before. It is allowing government agencies to reshape their reality and hence the future of their country. The time to embrace change is today. 

Written by Dr. Rudy Cardona.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - The Power of Data Analytics for Tourism Ministries and their Industry Partners
Dr. Rudy Cardona
Dr. Rudy Cardona currently leads the MBA, Keiser University, Melbourne, FL. He is the CEO and founder of Dr. Cardona does research in Business Administration, Consumer Economics and Marketing. His most recent publication is 'Assessing the Effect of Personal Cultural Orientation on Brand Equity and Revisit Intention: Exploring Destination Branding in Latin America'.

Dr. Rudy Cardona is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.