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How To Obtain The World Passport

A world passport is nothing but a 30-page machine-readable travel document with an alphanumeric code line. What makes the document unique from the rest is that the World Service Authority issues it. Starting in 1954, the World Service Authority is a non-profit organization providing individuals with the right to travel. In this article below, we will check out various points about obtaining a world passport.

Why Have A World Passport
Before we get into the brass tacks of how one can access a World Passport, it is paramount to know its importance. The story of the emergence of the world passport travels back to 1948. During the time of World War II, fighter pilot Gary Davis renounced his U.S citizenship and declared himself a citizen of the world.
It was due to his efforts that, in 1953, the World Government of World Citizens was founded. This organization promoted the idea of being a “World Citizen” instead of a particular country and was in particular directed towards stateless and war-torn people.
Cut to the present; the world passport is a sure-shot way of providing an identification that is not limited to a single nation. Apart from this, the world passport also represents the inalienable human right of freedom to travel on planet Earth and cross international borders without any restriction.

How To Obtain The World Passport
Like most other documents, applicants can apply for a World Passport through an online application form. The procedure for the same is quite simple and can be done by following a few steps:

  1. Every individual interested to obtain a world passport shall first go to the official site of the World Service Authority or

  2. Once on the site, fill out the application form by submitting the necessary documents and providing all the details. It would help if you also mentioned how long you need the passport.

  3. After the form has been filled out, applicants can make the payment online at the checkout page.

  4. The world passport will then be delivered to you in the stipulated period.

The Benefits of Having A World Passport
World citizenship as a term can be defined in many ways. First of all, it represents a group of intellectual individuals who live in the moment and do not abide by the existent class divides. People who obtain a world passport showcase small acts of kindness, which eventually lands them towards a bigger goal of handling global issues.
Also, in addition to this having a world passport entitles you to the opportunity to travel without any limitations. As the World Travel Authority represents the Freedom To Travel, having the world passport document marks the individual as a liberated human being. This means one having a passport is free from the shackles of the existing chaos surrounding humanity and can cross international borders easily. The World Passport also represents a meaningful symbol and powerful tool for the implementation of human rights. By its very existence, it challenges the norms and beliefs imposed by the sovereignty of the nation-state system.

Final Verdict
Even though it is true that the passports issued by the world authority are fewer as compared to the other passports, this does not mean they are unimportant. As of now, the World Service Authority has issued around 750,000 passports worldwide. Today the world passport has been visaed and recognized by 185 countries and has a track record of 65 years of acceptance. The document can be hailed as one of the first steps that we as humans can take to mitigate geographical boundaries and look beyond the borders.

CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - How To Obtain The World Passport
Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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