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Wallester’s Innovations in Card-Issuing

Estonian fintech company Wallester has quickly become one of the most trusted card-issuing enterprises due to their innovative approach to assisting companies of all sizes to conduct business virtually and with Visa cards. No matter what type of financial solution you may be looking for,  Wallester should be the premier choice to revolutionize the way cards are issued, be it for customers or for use with internal employee compensation.

Wallester is the go-to when the need for virtual and branded ready-to-use Visa cards presents itself. Their robust application program interface (API) assures smooth and speedy integration, regardless of the solution complexity. Their well-curated expert team provides an elite degree of service that begins with their exceptional onboarding department and continues with the masterful back-office support. Wallester’s continued mission is to keep businesses run like well-oiled machines.

Wallester has become a very helpful partner to many companies already, while offering a wide array of branded card solutions that allow the companies to thrive with today’s most modern ways to pay and run smoother business. In addition to consumer-related products, more and more employers are issuing on-demand salary and expense cards. Brand identity is enhanced with White Label cards that showcase a company’s distinctive identity, for those looking to introduce loyalty cards, extend credit or issue prepaid debit and credit cards.

Understanding White Label Cards

White Label is the designation given to card solutions that are created by a third party, such as Wallester, that boast a company’s logo. Such cards perform the same function as all major credit and debit cards, meaning they can be used online, and at most merchants and ATMs. Adding some personal branding helps companies to build customer loyalty and boost brand recognition, while allowing issuers to offer distinct incentives to their customers. 

While there are many sources for White Label cards, most fall short when it comes to integrating them into already existing payment systems and flows. When users apply for and receive their new branded card, they are clearly more likely to repeat their purchases and appreciate and enjoy the perks associated with the card. White Label cards can also be used for salary transfers, giving employees fast, easy access to their earnings.

Issuing branded cards as part of the turn-key financial solution results in greater profitability, but only if the procedures are in compliance with all regulations. Wallester cuts no corners when designing a custom, viable solution for large corporations as well as small startups seeking scalability. Their support does not end once the initial product is implemented.

Modern-Day White Label Solutions

When launching a card program through Wallester’s steadfast White Label system, companies are not only able to place emphasis on their brand identity. Wallester also offers an exclusive mobile app design. Implementing a unified CRM platform creates a more efficient and user-friendly setup. With Wallester, businesses enjoy a personalized back-end office portal, enhanced with all tools needed to process cardholder information in a seamless manner. Statistical data analysis, risk control and customer support are always available through a single platform, in real time.

Adding to their many credits, Wallester has proudly managed to achieve the distinction of being a Visa Principal Member. This means they are able to issue all types of Visa cards. It also gives them the privilege to directly interact with payment systems and independently process payments to counterparties. Wallester is licensed by the Estonian FSA and may conduct business in many countries. Obtaining a cross-border license for EEA member states gives Wallester the ability to provide financial services and execute payment transactions freely with minimal additional authorization.

A Final Word on Outdated Card-Issuing

The pitfalls of outdated card-issuing are endless. The primary problems are long money transfer times and the lack of impactful brand-recognition. Wallester’s advanced solutions help all industries and business sectors with what they need to create their customers’ loyalty and offer fast and convenient payment methods. As of today, a lot of cash-conscious companies seeking to address new payment trends have relied on Wallester to fully abandon the old-school approaches to running business with their customers and partners.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Wallester’s Innovations in Card-Issuing

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