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CEO and Founder, Ian Mitchell King Offers Tips On Giving Back to Our Military Members

Ian Mitchell King is proud to be a veteran and to have had the opportunity to serve our country. One of the things that he is frequently asked is how people can support their military members and vets. There are many different ways that you can go about supporting veterans. Continue reading to see some of the tips Mr. King provides on supporting our current and past military members.

Volunteering with a Veterans Organization

One of the best things that you can do for military members is to volunteer for organizations that support veterans or active duty military members. There are many different organizations that work directly with veterans or active duty military members. Ian Mitchell King says that donating your time to these organizations can be a huge help to the communities that they serve. And if you do not have time to actively volunteer, you can always contribute to these organizations through donations or monetary contributions. However, as is the case with donating to any charity, always take the time to research the charity and ensure they are a non-profit and help the cause they state that they support and help.

You Can Send a Care Package to Any Service Member

Another way that you can help our members of the military is by sending them a care package. Ian Mitchell King notes that there are many local organizations that can help you put together and send off a care package and if you’re struggling to find a local source that accepts donations, you can visit AnySoldier.Com and get the names and addresses of military members who you can send a variety of goods to. Care packages can include many things, such as toiletries, skin care products, housekeeping supplies, home accessories, travel snacks, fun accessories, and gift cards. Most of us enjoy crossword puzzles, reading books or magazines, card games, and other forms of entertainment that are easy to ship and transport that are all nice ideas that make a great gift.

How Saying Thank You to Vets Is a Simple Gesture

The final way that you can give back to military members is to simply thank them for their service. If you see someone wearing a veteran’s hat, a veteran’s t-shirt, or in military clothing, take the time to thank them for their service. They enjoy the gesture, and such a simple gesture can go a long way in reminding both active and former military members how appreciated they truly are.

Ian Mitchell King explains that our past and current military members have given up their time to help advocate, fight and protect their freedoms. Giving back to military members, whether they be current or past, can be as simple as saying thank you to veterans or active-duty members, sending care packages to active-duty military members, or volunteering for or supporting a veteran’s organization. There are many different ways you can give back to military members, and all of them are fulfilling and mean a lot to those who have served or are serving our country.

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