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5 Accommodation Tips For Students In Greece 

Athens Academy in Greece

Greece is a common choice among international students. Though there have been serious concerns regarding its economic health, students worldwide continue to come here to gain excellent educational services. However, like any other European country, Greece can be an expensive affair; this is especially true for those who have tight budgets and have to live by these limitations. Thus, finding an affordable accommodation facility becomes a top priority for students over here.
See, you will go through ups and downs in your budget. No matter how regulated they are, factors such as accommodation and food impact our financial health. But, understanding the local culture and making a few consequential practical decisions can help you save money.

In this article, you will find a few valuable tips that can help you choose wisely accommodation in Greece.

  1. Living close to campus is a good option
    You can live off-campus if given a chance. However, in the absence of a vacancy, you should consider living somewhere close to the campus. This helps you stay connected to the university and save money on transportation. Many students live close to campus for similar reasons and regularly post advertisements on the notice boards of the university. You should take a look at these advertisements as soon as you come here and fix appointments. Many universities provide affiliated housing facilities, which fill up fast, so stay in touch with yours to get your deal at the right time.
  2. Find a flatmate and save money
    If you rent an apartment in Greece, it is highly advised that you find a flatmate(s) to share it with you. A great advantage of having a flatmate is the distribution of financial and domestic responsibilities. You will most likely end up paying half of everything, and this can be such a life-saver. Unless you have money and/or don’t mind the expense incurred upon living alone, you should find a flatmate as soon as you have your apartment. There are websites such as Erasmus that connect students from across Europe. You can use these websites to find a flatmate for yourself.
  3. A place with good transport connectivity
    Even in Athens, which is known for its transportation network, you cannot be reckless with the place of accommodation. Failing to get on-campus accommodation, you will have to fetch deals beyond. You may end up finding a place a little far away from the campus so ensure that it is directly or conveniently connected to the campus. In case these facilities are not available, you should consider living in a dorm for some time before you find the right place. Cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki have a vast transportation network with reasonable prices, though overall expenses here will be relatively higher than in other cities.
  4. Come here at least a month prior
    While there are many options available for students to find accommodation in Greece, peak season, which is the start of the academic year, can become hectic. Bids become competitive, and it may become relatively difficult to get accommodation. It is, therefore, advised that you should come to the country at least a month before the start of the academic session. When you are in your home country, connect to realtors. Many realtors offer a virtual view of the accommodation for consideration. Still, do not finalize until you have seen the place in person. So, head to the country before the academic season to finalize your affairs.
  5. Overall costs
    Well, the overall cost will be determined by the nature of your lifestyle. However, it would help if you got a general idea of the same. Generally, rental apartments and hostels are available for €250-€300 per month. Note that the prices vary depending on the location. Those of you who decide to live in city centers would end up spending more on accommodation than those in the countryside. It is strongly advised that you contact the university’s help desk regarding accommodation facilities while submitting the application form. Many universities run these kinds of services wherein they can offer you alternative options in case they cannot provide on-campus accommodation.
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