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5 Reasons Why You Should Study Linguistics at University

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Linguistics is an exciting option for a degree. There are not many graduates who opt for linguistics now, which makes it all the more desirable from a job-orientated point of view. If you are planning on choosing linguistics as a subject for your honors, you are taking a step in the right direction.
In this article, we will be going over five reasons that should be enough to convince you to go for it. After going through the following lines, you will realize that linguistics, as a subject of study, offers you advantages that no other course does. Thus, it makes for a must-have weapon in your arsenal for a successful future.

Let’s see in detail:

  1. Making your coursework exciting
    The study of linguistics is not only about going over the history and sounds of alphabets. When you pursue a study in linguistics, you are required to have both a scientific and philosophical mindset. There are also a large number of course modules to choose from, which makes it easier to find something to your liking. The study of linguistics involves both the study of syntax and the study of semantics. You get the opportunity to mix your analytical mind with your philosophical side. The theory and practice of linguistics allow you to gain knowledge about the history and development of language and the history and development of an individual.
  2. The opportunity to go abroad for studies
    When you are pursuing a study in linguistics, you are required to study a language. Now, your home country can offer you excellence in only one of those. But as the structure and grammar of all languages are different, you have to go to the home country of a language to gain a deeper understanding of its history and development. You get the opportunity to not only excel at your craft but also to grow personally. Many colleges allow you to travel overseas and study a semester in a different country, in a different college. And with new destinations, there is always something that you can learn or see.
  3. Career opportunities
    One of the most alluring aspects of your study is that there are several roles that you could fit into. Apart from pursuing linguistics as a personal skill, you can also get into teaching and help hundreds of students around the world to learn a new language. Language skills are always in demand as people are always looking for opportunities to learn and grow. Apart from working as an academician, you also use your talent as a social worker. You can take on clients who have difficulty speaking and coach them as a speech therapist. Some of the most illustrated figures of our history have had speech therapists help them deliver their message to the people.
  4. Multi-dimensional skills
    The skills that you learn that you acquire during your study are also transferable to other jobs. In the course of linguistics, you will learn much about communication and presentation. These are two of the most sought-after skills in the corporate world today. When you sit for an interview, the person opposite will immediately be impressed by your verbal and written communication skills. You can leverage these skills to gain the upper hand over the competition. Or you can choose to start something of your own and coach others on how to have a command over their speech and presentation. Linguistics is also helpful when it comes to conducting research or analyzing data, or resenting results.
  5. Combined honors degree
    Linguistics is mostly offered as a part of a combined degree course. It means that while you study linguistics, you can also get a master’s degree in a language along with it. English is generally the most common option, but you can go for any other language that suits your interest. This is quite helpful when one is looking to expand their career opportunities. There is also the option to combine your linguistics degree with any of the social sciences. Philosophy is a popular option when it comes to linguistics. With the study of semantics already providing an insight into the field, linguistics expands your horizon academically and makes you suitable for a very particular niche of jobs.
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