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Most Awarded CEOs Of The Year 2021

There is no doubt that CEOs are an integral part of every organization. They play a key role in strategic planning and decision making which further shapes the direction of the business. Although the Chief Executive Officer is also considered the highest-ranking member of any firm, it is the vast range of duties in his hands that makes him numero uno.

let’s check the names of CEOs who received awards last year for their excellent vision and dynamic team leadership:

  1. Anders Brunn
    Company Name: Coach Solutions.
    Coach Solutions is a company located in Denmark that helps in analyzing the performance of vessels during the sea voyage. For his unique approach in the field of maritime engineering, CEO Anders Brunn was awarded the “Most Innovative CEO in the Danish Maritime Industry’ and ‘Tech Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2021.
  2. Andreas Halbleib
    Company Name: Quo
    QUO AG partners with various industries and has a greater edge in the development of products, services, technologies and processes. The company under the able guidance of Mr. Andreas Halbleib has achieved tremendous success in this sector and has become a pioneer in technological advancement. Last year Mr.Halblieb was awarded the “Science/Technology CEO of the Year and  ‘Most Innovative CEO of the Year” for his input in this field.
  3. Anders Thorup
    Company Name: introDus
    Anders Thorup is the CEO and Co-Founder of introDus which makes simple and effective Employee Onboarding Software. One of the USP of this software is that it makes the new employees feel connected prepared and safe before the joining day. Today the company is well-acclaimed in the HR industry and has also landed Mr. Thorup the Most Innovative CEO of the Year and ‘Best CEO in the HR Tech Industry’ award.
  4. Angelica Lips da Cruz
    Company Name: Innorbis
    Innorbis as a company has achieved universal acclaim in the Fintech Industry for its quantifiable solutions. The key product of the firm is the tool that specializes in collecting data and sustainable metrics. Last year the title ‘Best CEO in the Sustainability / ESG Systems Industry’ & ‘Tech Entrepreneur of the Year’ was taken home by this organization for its result-oriented approach.
  5. Augustin Becquet
    Company Name: Recommerce Group
    Recommerce Group has achieved cult status due to its marketing policy that deals with performing buyback and resale offers of second-hand smartphones. For its quality services and customer satisfaction, the CEO Augustin Becquet was bestowed with ‘Best CEO in the Refurbished Electronics Industry’ and ‘Green Business Leader of the Year.
  6. Cary Adams
    Company Name: Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)
    UICC is one of the top-notch cancer communities today with a membership base of over 1200 organizations in 172 countries and more than 50 strategic partners. Although UICC is a non-profit sector it has helped many individuals take the first step toward fighting off cancer. Last year Dr. Cary Adams, founder of the group was awarded ‘Best CEO Not-for-profit Sector’ for his work in this field.
  7. David Gantshar
    Company Name: Shepherd Search Group
    Shepherd Search Group is a company that works primarily for executive search, permanent placement, and interim staffing. The firm is led by Mr. David Gantshar who for his incredible approach was given the ‘Best CEO | Global Executive Search and  Recruitment Industry’  award last year.
  8. David Stockton
    Company Name: Dulsco:
    Waste Management today has become a major area of concern for every big industry. Dulsco is an organization in the middle east that effectively delivers solutions in this domain. Apart from this, the company is also known for its work in recruitment and staffing which landed CEO David Stockton an award last year.
  9. Efrat Shaked
    Company Name: The Doing Good Model
    Efrat Shaked is the brains behind The Doing Good Model which is known for its sustainable solutions that facilitate social and financial growth. Conceived in 1997 the organization has received many awards including the ‘Best CEO of the Year’.
  10. Fran Kiloway
    Company Name: Frasil
    Frasil Group uses technology to simplify the lives of people living with disabilities. The free download program allows people to connect without the need for a voice. This maiden approach has made the company unique in its way and has landed Dr. Fran Kiloway with the ‘Most Innovative CEO of the Year award.
CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Most Awarded CEOs Of The Year 2021
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