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Where To Learn Japanese Culinary Art

Japanese cuisine is loved across the world due to many reasons. Starting from the ingredients to the way of presenting everything in the dish is paid attention to. This also happens to be the reason why Japanese chefs have made a name for themselves. But what if you want to master the culinary art of Japan? Well, for all those curious minds out there several institutes across the country help you accomplish the skill.

So if you are interested in learning the new flavors, and aesthetic presentation, then here are a few colleges to choose from:

  1. Hakodate Culinary School
    The Hakodate Culinary School is one of the prime institutes to learn the Japanese way of cooking. Established in 1938 the college has maintained its reputation of being one of the leading institutes in the country. What makes the Hakodate Culinary School different is the learning environment. From having a diverse learning facility to collaborating with other leading universities the school of learning helps students develop basic skills easily. With lessons on cuisine, confectionery, and hygiene the institute also aims in imparting knowledge of regional food culture.

  2. Nakamura Culinary School
    The Nakamura Culinary School is one of the oldest institutes in Japan to impart both culinary and confectionery initiatives. Till now the school has produced over 13,000 graduates who have gone on to receive stars on Michelin Guide. The institute is also touted as the best choice for all those who want to learn culinary art and the basics of Japanese cuisine. From a diverse curriculum to practical sessions, candidates can easily pursue a career as a chef and accomplish professional goals easily.

  3. Japan Culinary Institute
    For all those who want to carve a niche as a professional chef, the Japan Culinary Institute helps lay a perfect cornerstone. One of the prime reasons for choosing the institute is that all the academic lessons are taught in English. Apart from that, the college helps train the students in real restaurants for better learning. From a wide range of courses, practical training, to cultural exposure, the overall experience in Japan Culinary Institute is quite a novice. Also, the school of learning imparts other courses which candidates can take up. These include restaurant opening lessons and internships which help in shaping the professional career of students.

  4. Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo
    The Le Cordon Bleu is another institute in the heartland of Japan that is blessed with culinary tactics. A pioneer in teaching the best quality education the school of learning operates in two places i.e Tokyo and Kobe. From professional training facilities to fully experienced chefs and mentors, students get to learn the basics of Japanese cuisine easily. What’s more interesting is that the culinary programs have integrated job placement and professional curriculum to help students carve their dream careers. The degree programs in Le Cordon Bleu last for two years and the school also offers online courses for interested students.

  5. Tsuji Culinary Institute
    Tsuji Culinary Institute stands tall when it comes to teaching basic Japanese Cuisine and creativity to students. The college is blessed with expert instructors who guide candidates in Western, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Throughout the course, students are also taught the basics and practical skills which they can apply in the professional realm. What’s better is that the institute has a diverse curriculum that emphasizes cooking skills, hygiene, and nutrition. From harnessing the inner chef to motivating students at every step, Tsuji Institute is blessed with acclaimed teachers who make the journey easy. All this together makes the school the best for learning Japanese Culinary Art.

CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Where To Learn Japanese Culinary Art
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