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Top Universities For Medicine In South Korea

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South Korea is a nation famous worldwide for its K-Pop culture and amazing series. But that’s not the only recognition it has. The country is also dominated by an excellent education system that makes it a top hub for students. One of the prominent streams of study in the nation is that of Medicine. What makes the discipline popular in the country is the presence of top-notch colleges. That being said the blog below highlights some of the famous institutes to study medicine popular among both international and locals.

Let’s take a look at them : 

  1. Korea University of Medicine
    A private university bases in Seoul, the institute was set up in 1905 and rechristened with name 41 years later. One of the prominent reasons for setting up the center of the study is to educate aspiring doctors in the field of western medicine. Driven by the philosophy of molding physicians the college also has internships for the candidates which makes them strong in their field.
  2. Hanyang University College of Medicine
    Touted as one of the top medical schools, Hanyang University was founded in 1939. The institute offers students to undergo clinical rotation in the esteemed research center and also provides opportunities including access to a global curriculum unlike any other. With all these benefits at the core, Hanyang University is a perfect choice to study the discipline for both locals and international candidates.
  3. Seoul National University College of Medicine
    The Seoul National University is often regarded as one of the best medical schools in Korea. Established in 1889, the institute has produced several bright doctors with the help of its Lee-Jung-wook curriculum. The college also pays attention to improve the skills of the candidates during the medical proper which makes it unique in the approach of imparting education.
  4. Inje University College of Medicine
    Located in the Gimhae, the Inje university college of Medicine was established in 1979. One of the main aims of the institute is to create warm-hearted doctors, which is a dire need in today’s times. Apart from this the curriculum also makes use of problem-based learning which helps students to become effective physician-scientists.
  5. Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine
    Sungkyunkwan University is one of the most prestigious medical schools in Korea, that is established during Joseon Era. Being so old doesn’t impact the education system in the institute as it caters to problem-based learning for the betterment of students. Apart from this, the university is affiliated with three hospitals that help students in getting hands-on practice easily.
  6. Pusan National University School of Medicine
    Located in Busan, the college is considered best in terms of public rankings. Established in 1946, the institute has produced renowned doctors and global leaders in the field of medicine. With a sturdy focus on global and specialized research, the center of learning makes it a top-pick for students.
  7. Yonsei University College of Medicine
    Yonsei is a top private institution for medicine that has a strict screening process. The college allows only 100 applicants per year and follows an intuitive-based learning system. Apart from that students also have the guidance of more than 500 qualified faculty members which lets them learn the trade profoundly.
  8. The Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine
    The Catholic University of Korea is also one of the best for students aiming to carve a niche in the field of medicine. Tracing its humble beginnings to 1855, the college follows an omnibus curriculum with premedical education for each student. Apart from clinical rotations, the university has humanity programs for students which provides insight into sympathy courses.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Universities For Medicine In South Korea
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