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Best Universities For Cosmetology In The USA

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In this career, one has to enjoy working with humans than with things. After the completion of the course, one gets employed as a cosmetologist, skincare specialist, and even as a stylist or a salon owner or manager. Other than these you can also become a nail technician, education specialist, make-up artist, or specialist of retail. Here are the best places where you can study cosmetology in the USA which guarantee a great successful career ahead:

  1. Northern Michigan University, Marquette
    The university offers 2-year certificate programs to the students. During the course, you will learn about hair shaping, hair coloring, chemical texturing, design, and a variety of artistic principles. Other subjects included are knowledge about artificial nails, bacteriology, decontamination, controlling of any infection, manicures, and also pedicures. During the course, you would be given both classroom training and laboratory training where you can enhance your skills on mannequins and sometimes on actual clients at the salon and studio of the campus.

  2. Pensacola State College, Pensacola
    This college is a public college earlier known as Pensacola Junior college is situated in Pensacola, Florida, and is a major part of the Florida college system. The course offered here supports the idea of different services industries, working in big renowned salons as well as small salons. You will study in brief about hair, nails, and the most important skincare. The college mostly starts the classes by August, January and May it also has limited seats open every year for students to enroll in. the duration of the course is about 12 months.

  3. Snow College, Utah
    Snow College is well known for teaching its students basic techniques like how to communicate with the customers, how to analyze skin, hair, and nails. It also gives a brief walk-through as to how one should perform certain duties of cutting hair, coloring, and even styling along with the proper knowledge of how chemical texture services work and how do the services go into play in regards to nail care. The main idea of the college is to provide the best to the students so that after the completion of the course they can be self-employed either by opening their salon or working for a renowned one.

  4. South Florida State College, Florida
    At South Florida state college, the student is taught about modern, well-equipped, and school-operated salons around the world. here the students either perform or practice on each other or they can practice on a mannequin so that their skills are better and advanced. Getting a certificate from this college gets you a guarantee of getting through entry-level employment at any hair salon. After completing the course, you can also apply to the famous Florida State Board of Cosmetology examination. During the course, you will get a walkthrough of instructions about hair-cutting, styling, coloring, manicure, and pedicure also a brief about skincare and basic make-up application tricks.

  5. International School of Cosmetology, Oakland
    This school pushes your passion for hairstyling, skincare, nail care to a step ahead and help you make a career out of the same. The school is 20 years old and has trained thousands of students to become a professional in the industry of beauty. The course has innovative ideas and also allows the students to get hands-on training along with preparing them for the state-level board exam. In short, it allows and gives a kick start to the students whilst sharping their skills and setting them apart from the crowd.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Best Universities For Cosmetology In The USA
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