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Richest Commodity Traders of the World

There are a lot of traders who are not just rich but famous as well. They hail from different backgrounds and lifestyles. The lives of these people are colored by either triumph or tragedy. These people have worked for years and have gained a position which made them famous all over the world. Investors and traders have their rise and fall in the market to enter and exit positions. Below is a list of the richest commodity traders in the world:

  1. George Soros
    Net worth: $8.6 billion
    Other than just being new or experienced George is one of the most versatile and richest traders who is on the top globally. His fund named Hedge fund that started back in 1973 became a famous quantum fund. His open society foundation combined with his fund make more than $14 billion. His hard work and dedication have proven to be helpful for him and accordingly have got him at the top position.

  2. Paul Tudor Jones
    Net worth: $7.3 billion
    The founder of Tudor investment corporation, Paul had predicted his future in the trading community. He was paid big on black Monday in the year 1987. He has a good portfolio which attracts people towards it and it also increases the share profit. He has been active for years and maintains to be so. All the company profit has made him grow aggressively throughout the years and maintains to grow further ahead.

  1. John Paulson
    Net worth: $4 billion
    He is praised as one of the greatest traders ever; he made his fortune turn in 2007. His company Paulson and co was founded back in the year 1994 and has been growing ever since. He has been at top of his game ever since he has entered the market. With a little downfall, he has also seen failure and then has come to this point where he is amongst the top 5 richest traders in the whole world.

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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