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Top Citizenship by Investment Programs You Should Check Out

Citizenship by investment program offers you a golden opportunity to acquire additional citizenship and a passport. Along with this come varied benefits such as visa-free travel, access to otherwise restrictive countries, tax benefits, the right to vote, and whatnot. But, what gives you these benefits? The answer lies in investment. The name of the program in itself says it. However, the requirements may vary from time to time; from the minimum investment level requirements to the benefits accrued under the program. So, you will have to choose your program right.

You can already find many articles that talk about the things one must see in citizenship by investment program. What we are going to talk about are the programs that are known to be among the best. Here are 5 of those you should check out in case interested. These programs are known for their speedy procedure, fewer administrative hurdles, and accessibility to mostly everyone with a clean background. So, on this note, let us take a look at what potential options you have.

  1. MALTA Citizenship by Investment Program
    The advantages of being a Maltese citizen are plenty. Once you hold its passport, you will have access to Schengen Area, the European Union, and free access to the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Canada.


    The program falls under the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations that lays down the required conditions to be met: it stipulates that one can apply for citizenship following residence of one year upon the investment of €750,000 or after three years with an investment of €600,000.

  2. Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program
    The Turkish program is a popular choice, though it may entail a lot of administrative work within a very limited period. Other than this, there are far more benefits that may outweigh the demerits. Under the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program, the applicant has the option to invest €450,000 in a company or make a deposit of the same; or you can invest €220,000 in real estate. It may happen that you are asked to do all the investment work on the same day so be prepared for the hassle.
  3. Moldova Citizenship by Investment
    Unlike its other European counterparts Cyprus and Malta, Moldova’s program does not offer visa-free access to Ireland and the United Kingdom, though the same is offered to Russia and the Schengen Area. The country’s program is inexpensive relatively speaking, but the fact that it grants access to Russia which is not readily accessible is a significant advantage. Anyway, to apply for the program, you should invest a minimum of €250,000 in real estate, or contribute €100,000 along with a fee. Also, unlike the Maltese program that undertakes very strict due diligence, the same is not the case here in Moldova.
  4. Dominica Citizenship by Investment
    It is not always the case that investors seek options that are heavy on their pockets. Sometimes all they want is a budget-friendly place with the right kind of privileges. Dominica’s program is just that! In comparison to many of the other programs, its investment level requirement is quite below. In order to obtain the country’s citizenship, you are required to invest a minimum of €90,000. One thing to note, however, is that there are certain countries whose citizens may be subject to extra scrutinies such as Pakistan, Iraq, Russia, Uzbekistan, and North Korea. Other than this, benefits are pretty much the same such as visa-free access.
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