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5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Education in Latin America

We all know about those mainstream destinations for education and have unfortunately developed a notion that there aren’t places better than them. Well, we have to fix this mindset because there is plenty to explore and Latin America is one such example. Latin America has historically attracted the attention of the very mainstream locations I just mentioned. Nearly every country here offers a blend of local and foreign cultural experiences which pervade deeply in the way many of its institutions of higher education function. Education is not just about the quality of universities and colleges; there is a whole spectrum of factors that make up for a holistic learning environment. I believe Latin America offers such an environment.

As you must have already guessed, we are going to explore reasons why one should study in Latin America. While there are only 5 reasons mentioned here, the list is much larger in reality. So, without further ado, let us dive deep into the world of Latin America, its education, and everything else that matters.

  1. Cultural diversity
    You are most likely to get a bit of everything in Latin America. These countries have been the center of international immigration encouraged largely by imperialism. In any country you study, you will find influences from foreign cultures; for example, in Brazil, you will find yourself among a large population of African immigrants. Most of these countries have their indigenous population whose origins can be traced back to thousands of years ago and remain symbolic of their identity in the global sphere. Moreover, imperialism and immigration encouraged changes in local lifestyle, architectural values, and even the education system. Hence, there is so much of everything that you will have more than just an academic learning environment.

  2. Linguistic barriers are not intense 
    Latin American countries are generally Spanish-speaking, which could be a problem for those who do not speak it. However, most of these countries have become global centers of education, and that means they have effectively bridged the linguistic gaps. Over here, you will very easily find foundational courses in Spanish; if you already know the basics of the same, then you will have no time in adapting. In case you do not speak Spanish but want to assimilate into Latin American society, do not worry. A great number of courses across universities here are offered in English. Just give some time to the place and you will find comfort.

  3. Safety
    Safety, yes, is a major concern and you are right to think that Latin America may not be the safest option in the world. Yet, it is not as bad as people imply it is. Barring a few places, it is generally safe. Like any other region, countries over here are subject to regular crimes, especially petty thefts; for instance, Argentina is largely a safe country even by South American standards, though it is known for petty thefts. However, this is the case with any place. Wherever you are, you are supposed to keep yourself safe and be thoroughly informed of due courses of action in case of emergency. On the safety front, I agree that there is a handful that is absolutely safe, but nothing in the world can assure complete protection.

  4. Affordability
    One of the glaring problems with education in mainstream locations such as Europe or Singapore is that they are unreasonably expensive; I am not just talking about the academic expenses. Latin America is relatively inexpensive. Of course, there are a few countries here with a dwindling economy reflected in high inflation and unemployment but the numbers are few. There are plenty with a reasonable price structure, well-rounded services, and employment opportunities. Also, how expensive or inexpensive Latin America is, depends upon where you are coming from. Nevertheless, education, comparatively, would be an easier bargain here than in other more famous parts of the world.

  5. Latin America is beautiful 
    It is not just cultural diversity that makes it a beautiful place to be. There are swathes of scenic landscapes, varying weather conditions, exciting local lifestyles, and delectable cuisines which often get overshadowed by other mainstream choices. Remember when I wrote that education is not just about the quality of universities. For a student to groom a positive-looking, intellectual personality, they must be in an environment where there is room for growth–and such space often comes from the natural offerings of the place. Latin America is gorgeous. You will learn about different human societies in their natural settings and assuredly won’t be disappointed.

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