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How to take the value of your content further in business

Melissa Houston

Marketing can get expensive: from paid advertising to costly outbound sales tactics, there are hundreds of ways businesses can build brand awareness. The truth is, every business wants organic reach, but how is that possible?  It seems we all want results, and we want them now, but does the real win come from playing the long game?

Why content marketing

Content marketing is important because you are providing valuable information to your audience, and in return, the audience gets to know you, like you, and trust you.  They know that if they have questions that they can come to your site or blog and review your posts and likely get their questions answered.  They rely on the information you are providing.  You are building a relationship with them.

When you offer consistent, high-quality, and engaging content, it impacts audience decision-making more than any marketing strategy.  Content marketing helps the client go through the customer journey and gives you an opportunity to educate them.

An incredible content marketing strategy attracts leads, offers an impactful first touch-point, and has conversion strategies in place to capture leads and continue the nurture journey until they eventually become customers.

But the key is in getting your content seen.  Creating content for the sake of creating content won’t be very helpful if your audience can’t find you.  That means you need to have a strategy in place to get visibility and attract potential customers to your website.

The problem many businesses face is how to attract leads without breaking the bank. With privacy laws changing and Google scrapping the almighty “tracking cookie” in 2023, the focus is shifting to organic visibility and first-party data.

If you want to generate organic leads, you need to focus your content in a specific way.  Search engine optimization is an ideal way to get to get your content seen by the right customers and clients.

Your ideal customers are using Google every single day to search for answers to their questions, so if you optimize your content by targeting these sought-after keywords, your business will show up in front of the people who need your product or service!

And the combination of being visible and offering relevant, targeted, and valuable content will lead to sales conversions.

Targeted, strategic, and keyword-optimized campaigns will steal the number one spot in search results every single time.  Now that’s something to get excited about.

Build your authority

This combined marketing and PR approach will help build your brand visibility and authority.  But PR isn’t just about getting you media exposure, it’s about getting you in front of the right people who will convert into raving fans.

Public relations and getting media exposure will help build credibility in your industry and generate buzz around your company. It’s a strategy to help shape your organization’s public image and position you as the expert in your field.

When you get media exposure, not only are you generating positive public relations for your business, but you are also building valuable backlinks to your business website that will help your domain authority and increase your position in search results.

When you create memorable stories about your brand and position yourself as the expert, that will help move the needle on your business and get you noticed.

If you have a well-designed website optimized for conversions and a nurturing strategy to turn leads into customers, the right PR and media exposure will skyrocket your businesses and have a direct impact on your bottom line.

How this helps your business

When your content ranks, the organic traffic you receive from that ranking will attract the right leads and you won’t be relying on expensive ads to gain clients and customers.  Clients will start coming to you because they see you positioned as the expert and the business that is best positioned to help them with their problem.

Prime Google real estate is appearing on the first page of organic search results.  There’s a common belief by potential clients that if you are ranking on the first page then you must be the best.  The top position gets the most organic traffic.  That can convert into thousands of organic visitors per month.

The drawback to building SEO for your business and your domain authority is that SEO is a long game approach.  It can take months to see your content to start to rank on searches.  But when you stick with it and commit to the long game, the return on investment will pay off in massive sales conversions and brand awareness.

There is no doubt that content creation is a must-have for businesses now, but to throw yourself ahead of the competition you can ensure you take the strategies of combining content marketing with PR exposure to get a winning result for your marketing dollars.

Written by Melissa Houston.

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