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3 Ways to Demonstrate Authentic Leadership in Your Personal Brand

Michelle Hammons, Founder and CEO at Visionary Leadership Playbook

When consumers log onto the Internet, they are browsing for products and services being offered. They’re connecting with friends and learning more about life. But they’re also looking to be inspired and searching for examples of authentic leadership. They want to be motivated and experience examples of success.

As a leader, you have the opportunity to make an impact through your personal brand. Whether you’re a high-level executive or a successful business owner, your ability to communicate clear value to consumers is how you lead in the digital information age.

While the opportunity to lead has become more accessible through the Internet and social media, the importance of showing up authentically can’t be underestimated. Consumers are looking to be inspired, and they know the real thing when they see it. So it’s not enough to just show up; you have to show up in a way that creates a movement for your brand.

The energy and intentionality of what you put into the world through your personal brand speak volumes. You can’t put a value number on the importance of a solid personal brand. Here are three ways to show up authentically and powerfully as a leader. Here’s how you lead, make an impact, and create growth.

Michelle Hammons, Founder and CEO at Visionary Leadership Playbook

  1. Utilize thought leadership portals to add value.
    The greatness of the information and digital age is that we have access to communication portals to reach consumers, communicate with employees, and leverage technology. We can use podcasts, blogs, videos, and other outlets to share thought leadership content that educates and creates value.

    A solid way to build a personal brand and increase influence is to use modern communication channels to publish value-based content that helps consumers pay attention to your brand. You can demonstrate your expertise clearly while also helping to solve pain points in the market.

    One powerful way to show up authentically is by utilizing thought leadership content to connect. People know the real thing when they see it, and they become engaged with a leader they can see cares about them. In an Internet marketing space full of ads and attempts to sell consumers, build a movement that stands out by taking a value-first approach.

  2. Relentlessly focus on service instead of observing competition.
    It’s natural to pay attention to what’s happening around you but to experience exponential growth; your focus should be on growth and not competition. Awareness is important but being the best service provider is even more critical. Consumers become lifetime customers when they see a leader that is focused on serving the market.

    Competition will always be there, but you understand there is more than enough business if you have an abundance-focused mindset. Your goal then should be to add exceptional customer service and create an experience that builds word-of-mouth marketing.

    Jeff Bezos has talked a lot about Amazon and its focus on the customer. There are many lessons to be learned from what he has said about making customers feel valued. Authentic leadership means focusing on creating value for consumers.

    It means seeing those in your field as possible connections and opportunities for partnerships. Let others play the competition game and be a leader who focuses on adding value and engaging in your community.

  3. Show up consistently, powerfully, and clearly.
    For a personal brand to thrive, it takes consistency and showing up. Too often, there’s a hot and cold approach to showing up as an authentic leader. Creating content is not the smoothest business task, but it’s a business activity that compounds its impact on the market.

    To build a thought leadership brand that has staying power, you should consider creating a plan for how and where you’ll show up. As consumers see you showing up consistently, it will engage them and build anticipation of all that you’ll produce.

    Your messaging should be clear, the thoughts and content you share should come from a place of value first, and you should show up powerfully through consistency.

    Implementing these strategies is one of the best ways to build an authentic brand with sustainability and create growth over time. A great example of this is how Gary Vaynerchuk has consistently shown up for years and continues to do so.

    You are a leader that has the opportunity to create an authentic brand that outlives you. Use thought leadership and modern communication channels to show that to consumers, employees, and those that follow you. Stand out in any market by adopting a value-first approach. One of the keys to growth is genuinely caring about those who lead.

Take some time to evaluate your brand. Are you using content to help those you lead? Are you showing up consistently? Is your current brand the best representation of what you believe? It’s time to make the optimization shifts that expand your reach, increase revenue, and build an engaged audience of consumers.

Written by Michelle Hammons.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - 3 Ways to Demonstrate Authentic Leadership in Your Personal Brand
Michelle Hammons
Michelle Hammons, Founder and CEO at Visionary Leadership Playbook. Michelle Hammons is a Certified High-Performance Coach™ with a multi-disciplinary background working as an entrepreneur and corporate leader. She utilizes various creative solutions to help you clarify your vision, provide you with a strategy to reach your goals, and drive the commitment to stick to that strategy.

Michelle Hammons is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn.