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5 Mindset Shifts To Attract More Money

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For years I struggled to make ends meet. I even worked three part-time jobs and worked seven days a week yet still found myself just covering to pay the bills. I couldn’t understand why life was so hard for me and always wondered why some people seem to have it easier.

It wasn’t until I realised that our minds are so much more powerful than we give it credit. I learnt that when I aligned myself to being a vibrational match to money, it started to flow in a lot easier. I didn’t need to work seven days a week. I didn’t need to struggle, and it sure didn’t have to be difficult. Keep reading to learn five powerful mindset shifts that can help you to attract more money.

Uncover Sub-conscious Thought Patterns

We can accumulate negative thought patterns and sub-conscious beliefs that keep us limited. We may have grown up in a family where we always heard they phrase the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Or maybe we heard our parents say that people who made lots of money were greedy. We may not have realised it as children, but these thoughts can become ingrained into our sub-conscious and can affect us in our adult lives.

Deep down, we may have a belief that wanting more money made us bad. If this is the case, we can prevent ourselves from taking risks and making moves that could potentially lead us to more financial abundance. I encourage you to take a moment and think back to how you grew up, think about how your family perceived money and how the people around you were financially. Was there a limiting belief you may have held onto that has now affected how you view money today?

Change Your Perspective

Have you ever found yourself shopping for the bargain? Have you ever looked at something you wanted to buy and thought you couldn’t afford it? Maybe you have gone out for dinner and felt anxious when it was time for the bill to come or maybe you are working on building your business and are always worried about not having enough clients.

All these thoughts keep us limited. They are based on fear and are coming from a place of lack. When we think we don’t have enough we will attract more of what we think, and that is not having enough. So next time you find yourself worried about not having enough or not being able to afford something, I encourage you to change your perspective. Instead of saying “I can’t afford that” or “I don’t have what I want”, how about asking yourself, “What can I do to afford that?” or maybe “What steps can I take today that will help me move closer toward my goal?”


Be Selective On Who You Share Your Goals With

There is nothing wrong with sharing your dreams and aspirations with loved ones but something I have learnt on my own journey, that has had a profound affect on being able to reach my goals, was to become selective with who I shared my vision with. If we share our aspirations with people doing less than we are or with loved ones that don’t have the same drive or vision, the opinions and outside noise can throw us off track.

We may hear them asking, “How do you think you can get that?”, “Are you sure that is the best move?”, “What if it doesn’t work?” or maybe you may be asked, “Don’t you think you are being a little too ambitious?” Our friends and family may mean well but when you are wanting to be better and do better, these type of opinions and questions can cause doubt and fear within us.

If you haven’t already found yourself a mentor, I highly recommend to find one. Seek out someone that is already doing what you want. Learn from someone that has already walked the journey. People doing more than you will never tell you it can’t be done. They will inspire you, encourage you and even show you what is possible.

Make Moves As If It Is Already Yours

If you want to be someone that is successful in business, start making moves as if you already are. Ask yourself what a day would look like for someone that already has what it is you want. What would they do? How would they act? What kind of decisions would they make? Envision yourself being the person that already has what it is you aspire for and start thinking, acting and being as if you already are that person. Strangely enough, if you can be consistent in this, you may find that one day you are actually that person you aspired to be.

Don’t Underestimate The Power of Gratitude

One habit that is extremely powerful is to become grateful. It doesn’t matter where you are now or what you still don’t have, think of all of the things in your life that you can be grateful for. Look back to the time that you wished for the things that you have now. Life is a journey, trust the process. I find when we are grateful for the things we already have, we seem to attract more opportunities and the right people and circumstances seem to come our way. Coming from a place of gratefulness turns us into a magnet for abundance. For the net 30 days, take 10 minutes in the morning to be appreciative of things you can be grateful for. If you can do this consistently, watch your world change.

Written by Maz Dela Cerna.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - 5 Mindset Shifts To Attract More Money
Maz Dela Cerna
Maz Dela Cerna, author of I Deserve Better, is a renowned self-development coach, author, blogger and YouTuber. As the founder of the Phoenix Rising Collective Maz Dela Cerna coaches people around the world to uncover and remove their self-limiting beliefs and self-destructive thoughts.

Maz Dela Cerna is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn.