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Top 10 remote jobs in US hiring talented young people

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the labour market. Nothing, it’s going to be the same in the following years. One of the main changes is that there is increased need for remote workers in some sectors. In this article you can read about the top 10 remote jobs in US hiring talented young people.

  1. Customer Support Specialist: Nowadays, many companies in the USA are in the need for customer support specialists. With a quick search in websites where job postings are published, people interested will find many career opportunities in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Riverside. Applicants must be good at customer and technical support and data entry. The basic salary starts from 34.000 dollars per year.
  2. Office Associate: Many job postings are published for full time remote office assistants, mainly to New York. The three top skills for a successful candidate is to be good at public speaking, event planning and community outreach. Usually, the basic salary starts from 30.000 dollars per year.
  3. Business Development Representative: Those who want to get a remote position as a Business Development Representative must be good at cold callings and business development. Usually the basic salary starts from 34.000 dollars per year. Open job positions can someone find in Boston, Santa Monica, New Orleans, Seattle, Massachusetts, New York and San Diego.
  4. Product Manager: This is a well paid job position as the basic salary starts from almost 70.000 dollars per year. People who are interested must have good team leadership qualifications and product strategy. There is a need for Product Managers in companies in California, Denver, San Francisco, Oakland, Massachusettes and Miami.
  5. Real Estate Agent: Prices for renting or buying a house continue to rise in many regions, showing that the sector has not been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. So there is a need for Real Estate Agents in Columbia, Long Beach, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco and Miami. The salary ranges from 30.000 to 110.000 dollars per year.
  6. Data Analyst: If you love data analysis then the good news is that many companies hire at this period of time remote workers. The annual salary ranges from 30.000 to 80.000 dollars. People who are interested can have a look at job postings in Los Angeles, Santa Clara, New York, Austin, Atlanta and San Francisco.
  7. Full Stack Engineer: Open job positions can find someone interested to work as a remote Full Stack Engineer in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Portland, Philadelphia, Cambridge, Nashville, Houston and New York. The specific job positions usually receive annual salaries from 50.000 to 120.000 dollars. Of course, applicants must be good at programming languages.
  8. Salesperson: If you are good at sales and customer service then may be a fit out there for you. The annual salary for sales people usually range from 30.000 to 70.000 dollars. Plenty job openings will find someone in regions like New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin and Chicago.
  9. Security Engineer: Jop openings for this position can find someone in Austin, Jacksonville, Dallas, Newport, Boston, New York, Seattle and Denver. Of course, if an applicant wants to be competitive must have a good knowledge in information security, cybersecurity and network security. The annual salary ranges from 60.000 to 150.000 dollars.
  10. Account Manager: Skills such as account management, sales and team building play an important role to this position. The annual salary ranges from 30.000 to 90.000 dollars. This period of time companies in Cary, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta look for talented people to work for them remotely.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - Top 10 remote jobs in US hiring talented young people
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