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Gadgets That Made Their Way To Households During The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the world and affected crores of people so far. People have been relentlessly taking up measures to stay safe and alarmed. As social distancing rules, and masks, have become common, there are other gadgets as well, which have made their way into homes.

One of the prime reasons, why these gadgets are popular, is that they help you stay safe during these crucial times. So, let us check in detail and stock these up before the second wave hits.

  1. Sanitizer Dispenser
    Ever since the pandemic was announced sanitizers were the first thing to fly off the shelves. But instead of the regular ones, sanitizer dispensers today are in demand. One of the main benefits of the gadget is that it helps people to clean hands without any prior contact, making it one of a kind.
  2. UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer
    Not everyone knows this but phones are far dirtier than toilet seats. Thus to sanitize phones quickly HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer is effective. The pouch can hold all phones and kills up to 99.9 percent of germs in one click. Priced at $69 this gadget is much more effective than other sanitizers and hence in demand!
  3. Molekule’s Air Mini:
    The pandemic has brought into the spotlight a range of air purifiers in the market that gets rid of smoke and dust. One among them is the Molekule Air Mini which clears the room of suspended allergens. With automatically adjusting fan speed, and sensor the device is best for keeping home viruses free.
  4. Pulse Oximeter
    The pulse oximeter is a minuscule device that helps determine oxygen levels in the body. Easy to use and effective in showing results, the oximeter can project the first signs of Covid-19 right at home. As the second wave is continuing to intensify, the demand for the device will surely hike up.
  5. Chilli International Killer 1000
    The Chilli International Killer 1000 is a disinfection machine with a 280 ml capacity. What makes the device different is that it operates on 1300 W and requires a preheating time of 11 minutes. Suitable for human skin, just make sure that the disinfectant liquid is medically approved before use.
  6. UV Light Sanitizer Wand
    The UV Light Sanitizer Wand is one such trusted aid which helps you to travel safely. Equipped with a 59S UV wand, the device can eliminate 99% bacteria, pathogens, and sterilize masks. Easy to carry it is one of the must-have gadgets.
  7. Infrared Thermometer
    An infrared Thermometer is another device that saw a rise in demand during the pandemic. The thermometer can check your basal body temperature and signify fever at an instant, which makes it a reliable and trusted aid during Covid-19.
  8. SureCall Flare 3.0
    The onset of coronavirus propelled the work from home scenario. However, people working from remote areas need a cellular signal booster to improve connectivity.  The Surecall Flare 3.0 is a great addition to homes as it covers 3,500 sq feet, works with all cellphones, and can boost reception.
  9. U By Moen Smart Kitchen Faucet
    The U By Moen Smart Kitchen Faucet initiates the flow of water with a wave of a hand. The device is a smart addition to the kitchen as it works on sensors and doesn’t need any physical contact. Pair it up with Alexa or Google and get a great assistant for your daily chores.
  10. Logitech C925e Webcam
    As the work from home scenario continues, so does the requirement for webcam increases. The Logitech C925e has a full-definition video resolution with a 78-degree field of view for more coverage. With automatic adjusting video quality and privacy shutter, it is one of the best gadgets in use.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Gadgets That Made Their Way To Households During The Pandemic
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