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Tips On How To Stay Safe When Traveling

You want to live the experience and go to places where people’s culture is completely different. No matter how adventurous you are you may not be prepared for the challenges you are about to face. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Here are some tips on how to make your next trip completely safe and stress-free.

  1. Do some research about your destination
    Knowing where you are going is important. The literature on touristic guides will provide information not only about the touristic spots but also which place to avoid. Agencies are also aware that safety comes first for tourists and information about where they will be safe will be highly appreciated. Perhaps you want to learn some basic vocabulary of the place you are about to visit to simplify your communication with the locals. This will further help you build bonds with them and make them like you. Therefore, you are more likely to make friends than enemies.
  2. Banks and cash
    Contacting your bank is very important when you plan your trip. Let them know which countries you intend to visit to allow withdrawals from these places. At the same time, explain that you are not going to use your card from any other country and that they should inform you if they notice any suspicious activity on your account. It is preferable to use a separate account to cover your travel needs. Be aware that you may have to block your cards at any time. It is also better to visit the bank to take cash than to use an ATM.
  3. Don’t be provocative with your personal belongings
    Traveling to exotic places sometimes means you will meet with poverty and people who barely have enough money to eat. You can bring all of your valuable gadgets and expensive jewelry, but make sure you will keep them out of the sight of poor people. Especially, if you are about to visit local bazaars and crowded places, you should not carry expensive watches and gold necklaces. Also, if you have cash on you it would be a good idea to have them on various spots. For example, you can keep some in your wallet, some in your pocket, and some in your socks.
  4. Travel insurance
    Travel insurance doesn’t come at a high cost and it is recommended to all travelers. Inform your agency about the places you want to visit and the activities you want to do and let them recommend appropriate travel insurance. In the meanwhile, you can register with your embassy to inform them where you go. This way, if anything happens to you, relatives know where they should turn to for help. In addition, it is important to message them once in a while to let them know where you are
  5. First aid kit
    In case of an emergency, you always want to have a first aid kit. Especially, if you attempt excursions to nature and if you are far from the city center where there are no hospitals you wanna have some basics with you.
  6. Watch out how you move in the streets
    Avoid traveling alone and if you do make sure you don’t drink too much alcohol unless you are with a company you had the chance to meet a little bit. You should also take care of your drink and prefer visiting the tourist spots where maybe you will not have the authentic experience but you will surely be safe. In case any unpleasant incident takes place don’t play the hero and if you are asked any money kindly give them and report the incident later to the local authorities. Last but not least, if you are about to use a taxi, it is always better to pick a registered radio taxi and put the route also on your GPS to make sure you are going in the right direction.
  7. Eat in clean places
    Eating in good restaurants and insisting to drink bottled water can be a lifesaver. Fully cooked meals are also recommended. In many countries not only do they have different levels of cleanliness but they also have different kinds of bacteria. The population in these counties is used of the particular microorganisms and do not get sick from them. However, travelers may experience physical discomfort starting with diarrhea due to the entrance of new bacteria into their ”virgin” body. Don’t attempt street food and prefer to spend a high budget on your meals.
  8. Proper clothing for women
    In some countries, women traditionally wear heavy clothing. In many cases, they even cover a part of their face letting only the eye be uncovered to avoid causing excitement to men. As sexist as this may sound it is a part of their culture and religion and it is not a matter of further discussion for them. As a traveler you are not obliged to follow the same ”rules” but for your own safety, you are suggested to use a conservative outfit.

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