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Things That Changed Our Lives For The Better Over The Last 100 Years

As time goes by, human civilization seems to make enormous steps and run much faster than it used to be. Technology has made it easy to evolve with positive acceleration and continuously growing speed. So, what could we consider the events, situations, and people who left a scare on our evolution?

  1. The discovery and mass production of penicillin
    In 1942 the discovery of penicillin came up as a bomb to the medicine world. The green mold that exists in smelly cheese seemed to work perfect to heal a large variety of illnesses. In 1943 scientists had already figured out a way to produce penicillin massively. Alexander Fleming, the man who first observed the significance of the substance in 1928, was later awarded the Nobel prize for his contribution to pharmacology together with two of his colleagues. The discovery is responsible for all antibiotics we now have, which have proven to be the most potent weapon against bacteria in modern medicine.
  2. The invention of computers and the spread of the world wide web
    Computers are nowadays so familiar to us that we cannot even imagine our lives without them. Kids of the next generation will probably look back at their ancestors, considering they were utterly uneducated. It was Sir William Thomson in 1872 that came up with the first modern analog computer. The colossal innovation started with the idea of the initial machine. Still, the impact it had in our lives came many years later, when the whole concept of the world wide web spread over the world and became so popular and embraced by all cultures. If you try to list the things you do while using any kind of software during the day, you will be surprised.
  3. The spread of a global language
    English is not the most spoken language but is a reference point to people all around the Earth. More importantly, it connects people who want to do business and trade. Apart from that, it has helped bridge the cultural gap between people of different continents and share philosophies that we had never imagined would be useful in our everyday lives. The fact that the English language has spread so much is responsible for quicker communication at all levels, but it is also the outcome of technological inventions that brought people closer, like computers, airplanes, and mobiles.
  4. Feminism and women’s rights
    The great movement was done in 1968. Women from all over the world came out loud to talk about everything they considered essential. Still, The two World Wide Wars had made people very skeptical about the future of humanity. Jeannette Rankin Brigade was the inspiration for many women. Lots of people don’t know a lot about her because her impact on society was more significant than her personal contribution. Jeannette herself was the first woman elected to Congress and a pacifist who stood against America’s participation in both World Wide Wars. Her example gave strength to more than 5,000 women to protest against the Vietnam War in Washington.
  5. Fights against racism and the first black US President
    The election of Barak Obama took place only in 2008, and the importance of this victory against racism has not yet been apparent. Again this is only the result of previous events in history that have made white people feel safe with the idea of being governed by a man of color. Mandela Nelson, a revolutionary political leader, and philanthropist managed to serve as President of South Africa for five years from 1994 to 1999. He spent 27 years in prison and still found the courage to come back and support humanity to let the next generation see a world more peaceful.
  6. Exploration of space
    The effect of our development in space science is mostly visible through our convenient communication due to satellites. However, there are so many things that have to be studied further. The impressive introduction happened in 1961 when Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel in space. Eight years later, the historic day would come, just when Neil Armstrong set his foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. All the attention is focused out there on life beyond Earth and the idea of people conquering the universe.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - Things That Changed Our Lives For The Better Over The Last 100 Years
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