Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Business Transformation

How Can Companies Continually Add Value? Simple: Add Values

Over the last year, how many times has your company had to be flexible about adopting new technologies, systems, or processes? How about over the last 5 years, or 15? Now, how often during those same periods of time has your company been flexible in adopting new core values, changed or removed old ones that no longer suit your company, and placed its values in plain view on its website for your customers to see? If the answer to that larger latter question is along the lines of “not often” or “not at all”, then we have bad news for you: your company may soon get left behind as more customers than ever before are more likely to spend their money with companies whose corporate values better align with their own personal values.

It should come as no surprise that of the customers surveyed in the above-referenced link, the largest portion of customers who fall into that category are millennials with 83% saying they believe it’s important to buy from companies that share their values, compared to 50% of Generation X members surveyed and only 21% of Baby Boomers surveyed. The survey also makes mention of research showing that roughly 76% – some 3 in every 4 of buyers – between the ages of 18 and 35 find it valuable when CEOs of companies they purchase from speak out on issues that matter to them as an individual buyer. 66% – roughly 2 in every 3 buyers – between the ages of 35 and 54 echoed similar sentiments, as well as some 55% of buyers aged 55 and up.

The survey results mentioned tell us that not only are buyers becoming more globally conscious of social and political issues, but it also exemplifies the importance for small businesses and growing companies alike to make the values their organizations hold dear public, as well as to offer careful consideration as to who (or rather, which sociological demographic groups) their values do or don’t support.

One company that has done a phenomenal job in doing this – and seen more than enough results in order to back up this claim substantially – is custom software development company Moove It. With more than 15 years of industry experience in developing customized digital roadmaps to create transformative technological solutions for international companies, Moove It has achieved repeated success over the past year by continually adhering to its corporate values of passion, commitment, teamwork, relationship-building, and consistently delivering high-quality product. In transparently highlighting those values directly on their website, Moove It’s employees, clients, and partners are all made fully aware of the values their company and team members adhere to.

As for the success this has brought the custom software development company, Moove It has delivered transformational digital solutions to prestigious clients the world over, including Disney, Hulu, and Shopify to name just a few of their clients who have left overwhelmingly positive reviews of Moove It in regards to the specific work performed by the firm for their brands. Moove It’s ability to not only adhere to – but to exemplify – their corporate values have also brought the company more recent global renown in two separate forms: firstly in its obtaining an official Great Place to Work® certification with an overall score of 96%, 11% above the national average of 85%, and secondly in its recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.02.

Though Moove It is only one example of a company that has seen a series of back-to-back achievements from a commitment to its internal corporate values, a large part of those values are rooted in the belief that companies can add even more value to their stakeholders, employees, clients, and partners simply by publicly showcasing the values they are committed to in the first place.

For example, many other companies are now also participating in the “1% Pledge”, a movement for companies and organizations to donate 1% of their annual profits towards philanthropic causes that matter to them. In the case of Moove It, their 1% Pledge comes with a focus on improving the quality of lives and education of children and youths. On their website, Moove It even mentions they made their 1% Pledge commitment public as a way to “inspire companies to adopt a similar approach.”

With more customers than ever becoming more aware of where, when, and how they spend their money – as well as who with – there is likewise more pressure than ever for companies to go public with their core values, as well as an explanation of why those values are important to the company. The best way for small businesses and growing companies to alleviate this pressure is simply to do it and be unafraid to show their customers what values they believe in.

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