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Is It Mandatory To Get Married?

When I was working out in the gym, a single man asked me a question: Why do single people want to be married, and married people want to be single? I found the question quite interesting. In the recent past, there is a growing trend globally where single people want to be married, and married people want to be single. Some people don’t want to be married at all. They want to remain single forever.

Some young people get married and divorced at the drop of a hat due to various reasons especially ego and litigations by others. If the marriage has to survive both partners must understand and empathize with each other. They must love and respect each other. They must not let others in their married life especially relatives to avoid complications and implications. They must sort out their differences mutually. They must ensure positive attention of small moments to revive their married life. They can go for counseling to keep their married life intact.

Reason to Remain Single in Life

Having a partner is ideal to have an emotional connection to avoid stress and anxiety. It creates compatibility and equilibrium. Some single people crave freedom. They don’t want to marry. Their intelligence is often hijacked by their hormones. They become rebellious at a young age. They realize when they reach some stage and age. In old age, they want marriage to have stability in life. Here are some reasons why some single men don’t want to be married. They don’t want to lose their space. They don’t want to lose their independence. They don’t want to accept responsibility. They are worried about the loss of wealth if divorced later. They are scared of challenges including parenthood. They want to enjoy solitary life. Some of them are growing pets to connect with them emotionally to avoid loneliness. Pets offer several benefits such as decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure. But pets can never replace partners.

Is Marriage a Social Trap?

Some single people feel that marriage is a social trap. Marriage is a responsibility. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Marriage is an institution. So, marriage cannot be viewed as a trap.

Marriage depends on the partners and their family backgrounds. If partners understand each other, love, and respect each other, marriage is an enjoyable process. Marriage is bonding between two hearts. On the other hand, if there is the involvement of fraud, cheating, and betrayal from the partner’s side, marriage becomes a trap. So, single people must choose their partners carefully to lead a happy and married life.

An ideal marriage undergoes three stages―physical connection, emotional connection, and spiritual connection. The physical connection involves sex and romance, emotional connection involves sharing emotions and feelings, and spiritual connection involves converting two souls into one.

Don’t marry based on financial condition and status because they can change in life. In your partner, look for a good character, compatibility, and healthy family background to ensure longevity in marriage. Don’t marry just because your friends are getting married. Marry because you need a partner to lead your life happily. As every product has a life cycle including introduction, growth, maturity, and decline, every human life has a cycle where there is a need for a partner to lead life meaningfully and mindfully.


There is no such thing as a perfect spouse in this world. Life is all about adjustment, flexibility, and adaptability. Create chemistry and compatibility with your spouse to lead a happy married life. To conclude, life is incomplete without marriage.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Is It Mandatory To Get Married?
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