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Dangers Of Becoming Successful Too Fast

Sometimes we struggle so hard to reach our goals that we never wonder what happens next. Especially when this success comes too soon and in most cases when people are very young, the challenge is to see how you will handle this situation.

Let’s see what might come up along the way and how you can stay authentic and happy.

  1. Isolation is a possibility
    Experiencing fast success may cause jealousy of other people. Be prepared to deal with that and make yourself your best friend. It will be a perfect opportunity to realize who your true friends are. You may become wiser and more capable of judging people. This is actually one of the challenges that can make you a better person. As lonely as this road can be, it could also be the complete opposite – especially if your success is accompanied by big bucks. Watch out to those who want to make friends with you just to find their way to your pocket and keep them at a distance. Remember, it is better to be alone than to be with fake people.
  2. The danger of becoming lazy
    It is logical that when you reach a certain point in your life where you have managed to succeed in most things that you considered to be your goals, you might want to take a moment and rest. This is a perfectly healthy reaction and it is probably something you should do to recharge your batteries and stay productive in the future. However, if you get there too fast and too soon it is very likely that you may lose your motivation and become lazy. According to scientists motivation is the number one reason why people succeed, self-confidence and initial resources as well as luck have a way less small impact on whether someone will make it or not.
  3. Don’t miss out on the beautiful journey
    Reaching a goal is a process. For many people, the journey is what counts and not the result itself. In most cases, to succeed in something you have to fail a million times. And each one of these failures has many valuable lessons to teach you. When all this comes quickly, you don’t get to learn all these interesting stuff that would drive you step by step to success. In the end, you might gain less wisdom, you might learn less stuff and you may even enjoy yourself less.
  4. Is life always easy?
    This is a question you have to think about if things came easy for you. Being lucky is one thing, being ungrateful is another one. Accepting success should be as deep as accepting failure. You should be able to handle life even when things don’t go so well and not assume that God owes you. In other words, be prepared and open for everything. Life has two sides and they both come for a reason.
  5. Your way is the only way
    A very common mistake for people who are winners is to believe that there is their way or no way. Once you perform well on a certain task you conclude that you did the right steps to go there. This is absolutely right, still, you don’t hold the secrets of the universe. There may be many paths that could lead to the same results and you should always be ready to learn them. Consider your effort as an experiment that happened to succeed the first time. You could have failed as easily many times. Generalization could lead to false conclusions and adopting a theory that fits you will not work forever.
  6. Keep your kindness
    Last but not least, we all know that the greatest danger of all is to become arrogant. You being successful doesn’t make the rest of the people losers. Be kind, everyone has to fight their own demons and overcome their unique obstacles to reach their destination. For some people, this comes soon and for others, this may take longer. Look at the world around you and see who are the ones you really adore and admire. For sure, they are not people who are just being snobbish. Try to imitate them and you will see that staying yourself will only work as a blessing for you.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Dangers Of Becoming Successful Too Fast
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